Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Where did I pack the panadol?

Yesterday I had a headache accompanied by nausea and got bugger all done, the kids were lucky I was able to function enough to watch them...all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep it off. As us mothers know, there is no such thing as sick days. I was grateful that hubby cooked us dinner when he got home, I wasn't feeling up to it. I still feel a bit blah today and the headache seems to be lurking in the background threatening to strike again. Not great timing as I still have sh*tloads to do packing wise and I am not getting much accomplished.

Thankfully I did manage to find the panadol this morning but they don't seem to have perked me up all that much. I should probably be trying to pack more right now but I am struggling to find the motivation. I have managed to notify the phone/internet and electricity companies of our move so at least that's something. Also will be without internet next week until approximately Thursday, although I should check and see if I can still post from my mobile. That is very presumptuous of me, I am assuming that I would be missed...ha ha.

I got a call yesterday to say that my son's bed is in, happy days! I just need to buy a bed rail for it...although I am wondering whether to try the pool noodle trick. Apparently you put one of them under the fitted sheet and it acts as a buffer to stop them falling off the edge. Has anyone tried it?

I can't believe it is now only 4 days until moving day, where has the time gone? Ok well I will just keep it short today, I have laundry to hang out and crap to pack...sigh. Not long now.

Till next time xo

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