Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Had a great Easter break

I hope everyone is feeling as refreshed as I am after your Easter break, the extra long weekend was most appreciated here. It was quality time spent with family and friends, what more could you want...oh how about some glorious weather?! It was beautiful all long weekend, there were many trips to the beach.

I caught up with a girlfriend on the Thursday night to see a movie, 'The Other Woman' which was hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to others. Plus it is always nice to spend time catching up with friends one on one. Not being interrupted by the kids while your having a conversation is refreshing. I only have a small handful of girlfriends these days but it's quality over quantity for sure. 

Hubby and I had free movie tickets to use as well so went and saw the new Spiderman movie on Saturday while nanna kindly watched the kids for us. Yes I know, I am not a child nor a teenager yet I enjoy marvel comics movies. Actually they showed a preview for the new X-Men movie while we were there, it looks awesome. I don't care if my tastes in movies isn't terribly sophisticated, I like them. ;)

Easter Sunday was busy, we had a BBQ lunch with my sisters and their families over at my sister's house and dinner at my mother-in-laws with hubby's family. Much chocolate was consumed by the kids (even though we tried to stem the flow somewhat), I have managed not to succumb too much. Only a few solid little eggs here and there, it will be sitting in the cupboard tempting me for quite some time though...uh oh. 

Back to reality today though, plus my husband goes to Melbourne early (groan, we are dropping him at the airport in the morning, it's going to be a long day) tomorrow morning for 4 days for work. I have made plans here and there to help keep me busy so it goes faster. I'm sure it will be fine but we will miss him, I think he misses us more though...even though he gets to sleep in, lucky bugger.

Also I thought I would share some photo's just to keep things interesting :)

Don't look too close, these were my Easter egg cookies I made for the kids kindy party

A gorgeous sunrise

This is a storm from a few weeks ago, the clouds reminded me of Armageddon

Mickey Mouse shortbread cookie I made

Penpal goodness, I love being a penpal & making things like this

More goodness, I'm still yet to post this

The Beautiful Byron Bay

Again, with the Lighthouse in the distance

Gorgeous Sunflowers

We heart Burleigh, awesome street art/graffiti

Tallebudgeera Creek, how's the serenity...

Hope everyone had a good one, wishing you all a belated Happy Easter xx

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Teeth can kiss my a$$

As you may have gathered from the post title, my daughter is teething at the moment. It doesn't help that she isn't 100% at the moment either. 

Her (and by default, mine) sleep has gone to sh*t, they are really giving her some gip and it is disrupting her sleep. Her previous teeth didn't give her much grief at all but the poor bugger seems to be coping it this time around. I am so tired, I have stopped looking at the clock and counting how many times I get up to resettle her of a night. I just hope it doesn't last much longer, mumma needs a good nights sleep.

Plus my son came home feeling a bit warm from kindy yesterday and was a little out of sorts, so he was in with us last night. I finally had to move him around midnight as I just could not get comfortable on my little sliver of bed. He woke up a couple of hours later and came back in, so I am going to need a few coffees to get through the day. It was a double whammy.

Thankfully today he seems to be better, no more temp...thank goodness. I might try and take them to the library today, get out of the house. I didn't do much yesterday cause I was too tired, I need to suck it up though and try and do more. I just keep waiting for things to improve and get my energy back but we aren't there yet so I just need to deal with it and make the most of it.

I hope everyone else has a great day, whatever you are doing.
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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Oh hey there April

You sly dog, hasn't this year crept up on us. 

I'm trying to turn a proverbial new leaf so to speak from today. 

A change of mind set if you will, as I mentioned in my last post today kicks off my #100happydays.

Let's not let the fact that mother nature is conspiring against me and my son is home from kindy today unwell. I will not let that hinder my positivity today, I will admit to small bouts of crankiness...but that is beyond my control really, I'm only human. ;)

Here is a little something I whipped up to celebrate.

So wish me luck in my endeavours, I will try and share some of my pics along the way. 
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