Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Still no Internet...

Sigh...Telstra fail. Their level of incompetence knows no bounds, so frustrating.

Anyway, in other news today my son started kindy on Tuesdays so will now be going twice a week. I have mixed emotions, I will miss him (even though he can drive me a little nuts sometimes). Then on the other hand it gives me some more spare time to get sh*t done! Ever since he moved up to the bigger room he has regressed & gone back to crying/getting upset at drop off. I'm hoping that once he gets used to going two days he will be more used to kindy & going more frequently will help him adjust. It's awful leaving them there when they are crying & clinging to you, although when I pick him up in the afternoons he always tells me he had a good day at kindy. I guess time will tell how he goes...

My daughter is getting a bit clever, she is starting to try & pull her self up on things and instead of sitting up she sort of lays on her side like she's posing & lifts up her top half like she's working on her obliques, ha ha. Can't believe she will be 6 months next week, where has the time gone?! Crazy. I have been introducing more solids to her diet (which she enjoys), the resulting solid poos are another matter (hope no one was eating) ;)

In other random news that probably isn't all that exciting to anyone else...we have planted a little herb garden & some flowers in our new place. We always wanted to do it but never got around to it, we did it the first weekend we moved in & added to it the weekend just gone. We have - Basil, Coriander, Mint, Rosemary, Chillis & Roma Tomatoes. Our plants/flowers are - Carnations (for mum), Roses, Chrysanthemums & Lavender. Neither my husband or myself are what you would call green thumbs but here's hoping we can keep them all alive.

Till next time xo

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