Friday, 24 May 2013

Bloody Telstra!

Grrr, still no Internet! It was supposed to be connected yesterday, I rang & was told there'd been a problem with the programming & it would be connected today. I rang again to check just before & I have now been told it won't be happening until Monday. Gah, I'm so p*ssed at their incompetence.

Also I may be going senile in my old age ;) I went to the shops today (local shopping centre) & when I came out & went to to where I thought I'd parked the car...I couldn't find it anywhere. I went up & down & side to side down the car park isles. I called my sister (they were both at my place watching the kiddiwinks) & said I can't find the car, I've looked everywhere...what if its stolen? She came to get me & drove me up to the next lot over & bingo...there it was *cue face palm*. Yup I zigged when I should have zagged when I came out of the entrance. I looked like a crazy lady wondering the car park with the clothes drying horse I'd just brought. A highlight of my day, ha ha...not.

So my son is driving me bonkers, he has the most frustrating habit that makes me so cross...he takes a mouthful of his drink & spits it everywhere...if I don't catch him out at the start it results in quite a mess. He just did this before with his cordial all over the floor, the tv cabinet & remotes. It drives me nuts, I've lost count of how many times I've told him not to do it. He knows its naughty yet he still does it, how toddlers survive toddlerhood I'll never know.

Thank-god it's the weekend & thank-god I'm just an idiot & my car wasn't stolen after all.

Till next time xo

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