Monday, 6 May 2013

Weekends go too fast dammit

Even though I don't 'work' I still dread Monday's because it means the family fun times of the weekend are over. I wish we could win lotto so we could hang out together all of the time.

This weekend hubby brought himself a bike so he could commute to the train station so that we don't have to get up early and drive him or pick him up during witching hour any more. I was hopeful that today would bring a sleep in, those hopes were dashed when I heard my husband bringing our son in to the room who was chatting away at 5 bloody 40am.'s hoping tomorrow is a better day.

We also ordered and paid for my son's big boy bed yesterday, I was a little disappointed as it may not get in on time for our move. I really wanted him set up in his big bed right from the start when we move in to the new place. The mattress is available so hubby suggested just putting that down on the floor till the bed gets in...the perfectionist/OCD side of me finds that highly annoying. Ah well, it will have to do I guess, I am just crossing fingers that somehow it will arrive in time so I can set up his room all nicely.

We have also booked our flights for a Melbourne trip at the end of August. We have really good friends of ours who will be over from the UK and we wanted to catch up and introduce them to the rugrats. I am really looking forward to it, it has been forever since we have seen them. Family holidays are more expensive now that our son is over 2, we had to pay a full adult fare for him because he is in his own seat now. Thankfully the flights were on sale so it was that little bit cheaper than it could have been.

Just under two weeks now till moving day, still lots to do but lacking the motivation to actually do it. I have a girlfriend coming over on Thursday to help me get stuck in to the packing, should get a fair bit done on that day I would say.

Till next time xo

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  1. Whoop whoop whoop whoop for flights to Melbourne!!! (Imagine Homer going around and around on the floor...) Can't wait to see you all xx