Thursday, 30 May 2013

Now we're cooking with gas

It's fixed, finally...a week after it was supposed to be but it's finally fixed (the internet that is). Even though I had my phone's 3G to use it wasn't the same and I was going a bit stir crazy without my wifi. I have also for the first time ever managed to burn through my free data with my phone plan, I don't think I went over but it would be close. I clearly have issues with how attached I am to my internet, I honestly don't think I could be one of those people that logs off and has a break, I would miss it too much.

Hubby has taken our son to kindy today as he needs the car for work meetings (so I'm stuck at home, it could be worse though...I could be stuck at home with no internet!). Is it just me or is there something extra sweet about a dad taking their child to kindy? Plus he's dressed in his suit so I'm sure he will give the girls a bit of eye candy this morning (I have a thing for when he's dressed in a suit, sexy). Actually the first time I ever looked at my husband in that way was at a fancy dress school dance when we were 17 in high school and he came dressed in his brother's suit & I remember thinking to myself 'damn, he looks good'. That was the seed that started it all...

We have a family dinner at my mother-in-laws place tonight as hubby's aunty & uncle are in town. Hooray for not having to cook ;) Plus it is good company, they love the kids and are great with them so it will be a nice evening. Plus my mother-in-law is a mean cook so I'm sure it will be something yummy, result.

I have been trying to be good with the theory of 'start as you mean to go on' (that's a saying, right?). I said that when we moved in to the new place it would be like a clean slate and a chance to try and make some positive changes in all aspects of life in general. One of those being cleaning and maintaining the house. My house is usually pretty clean on a whole, but more of a surface clean than a deep clean if that makes sense? I am not a fan of the more intense jobs that are labour intensive and time consuming so they didn't get done as often as they should, which really just made it more work for myself when I did do them because I hadn't done them frequently enough. So I have been making a point of trying to stay on top of things and be more pro-active. There is a website a girlfriend shared a while back called The Organised Housewife, which is a great site in general with lots of tips and what not. On it you can buy different lists and documents to help you get more organised in different areas of your life, there was a cleaning one that is like a checklist of daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks that you need to do around the house. I have that stuck to the back of my pantry door to try and remind me to do items on the list, I'm not perfect by any means but it is a good reminder. Here is the link if you want to check it out for yourself:

I also have some photos to share that I haven't be able to since not having the net, so they might seem a bit random now but here you go.

This is my son's 'big boy bed', nawww.

This was a sunrise taken on the first morning of moving in to our new place, how's the serenity? :)

Confession: I'm a full grown woman that likes Hello Kitty. Don't judge me ;)

This is our fantastic new rug that we brought for the kids play area, I love it. 

This is my gorgeous son in his awesome new superhero pants that we had made. These were done by the awesome Emily of Check her out.

Well that was a longer post than I expected but I was just so damn excited to not be doing it from my phone. 

Till next time xo

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Still no Internet...

Sigh...Telstra fail. Their level of incompetence knows no bounds, so frustrating.

Anyway, in other news today my son started kindy on Tuesdays so will now be going twice a week. I have mixed emotions, I will miss him (even though he can drive me a little nuts sometimes). Then on the other hand it gives me some more spare time to get sh*t done! Ever since he moved up to the bigger room he has regressed & gone back to crying/getting upset at drop off. I'm hoping that once he gets used to going two days he will be more used to kindy & going more frequently will help him adjust. It's awful leaving them there when they are crying & clinging to you, although when I pick him up in the afternoons he always tells me he had a good day at kindy. I guess time will tell how he goes...

My daughter is getting a bit clever, she is starting to try & pull her self up on things and instead of sitting up she sort of lays on her side like she's posing & lifts up her top half like she's working on her obliques, ha ha. Can't believe she will be 6 months next week, where has the time gone?! Crazy. I have been introducing more solids to her diet (which she enjoys), the resulting solid poos are another matter (hope no one was eating) ;)

In other random news that probably isn't all that exciting to anyone else...we have planted a little herb garden & some flowers in our new place. We always wanted to do it but never got around to it, we did it the first weekend we moved in & added to it the weekend just gone. We have - Basil, Coriander, Mint, Rosemary, Chillis & Roma Tomatoes. Our plants/flowers are - Carnations (for mum), Roses, Chrysanthemums & Lavender. Neither my husband or myself are what you would call green thumbs but here's hoping we can keep them all alive.

Till next time xo

Friday, 24 May 2013

Bloody Telstra!

Grrr, still no Internet! It was supposed to be connected yesterday, I rang & was told there'd been a problem with the programming & it would be connected today. I rang again to check just before & I have now been told it won't be happening until Monday. Gah, I'm so p*ssed at their incompetence.

Also I may be going senile in my old age ;) I went to the shops today (local shopping centre) & when I came out & went to to where I thought I'd parked the car...I couldn't find it anywhere. I went up & down & side to side down the car park isles. I called my sister (they were both at my place watching the kiddiwinks) & said I can't find the car, I've looked everywhere...what if its stolen? She came to get me & drove me up to the next lot over & bingo...there it was *cue face palm*. Yup I zigged when I should have zagged when I came out of the entrance. I looked like a crazy lady wondering the car park with the clothes drying horse I'd just brought. A highlight of my day, ha ha...not.

So my son is driving me bonkers, he has the most frustrating habit that makes me so cross...he takes a mouthful of his drink & spits it everywhere...if I don't catch him out at the start it results in quite a mess. He just did this before with his cordial all over the floor, the tv cabinet & remotes. It drives me nuts, I've lost count of how many times I've told him not to do it. He knows its naughty yet he still does it, how toddlers survive toddlerhood I'll never know.

Thank-god it's the weekend & thank-god I'm just an idiot & my car wasn't stolen after all.

Till next time xo

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Moving does a body good...

After all the running around & lifting heavy boxes and what not, I was pleasantly suprised when I weighed in on Monday morning. Especially seeing as we had eaten nothing but take-away in the week leading up to moving day. I am down to 67.5kg, some of you may remember my husband & his incentive (a 'new' family car when I reach my goal of 60kg)...I'm pretty happy with how far I've come so far, when I accepted his challenge I was just over 73kg. My next mini goal for myself is to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 66.6kg. 

The move itself went as well as a move can go, it was a long and exhausting day but I'm glad it's behind us. I didn't realise just how much stuff we actually had, and how little storage the new place has. I'm going to have to get creative with figuring out where to put everything & do an even more critical cull (despite my hoarder like tendencies) ;) I'm going pretty well with the unpacking thus far, there is one room that is my dumping ground for all things that I don't know where to put it yet that is a bit if a bomb site (thankfully for now I can just close the door on it). I'm also a bit of a control freak when it comes to unpacking & setting up the house, hubby isn't allowed to do much as he just wouldn't do things how I would like them, ha ha. 

So my son went in to his big boy bed as of Saturday night, it went surprisingly well. He wasn't overly fussed about the bed but just didn't want to go to bed/sleep in general (what's new). Once he was in bed he stayed there & slept all night, result! He has been good for his overnight sleeps but yesterday was the first time I'd tried to put him down for a day sleep & it was a massive fail. He just kept coming out & I gave up in the end as I had to go & return the keys for our old place. However, because he was so tired he fell asleep in the car on the way home & I was able to successfully transfer him to his bed (where he then slept for 2hrs, huzzah).

I have started my daughter off in the cot for her day sleeps & the evening until she wakes once I go to bed, then I have been bringing her in with me because a) it's too cold to be getting out of bed & b) she wakes far too much for me to be getting out of my warm toasty goodness. I will bite the bullet eventually & just suck it up but for now what little sleep I do get is precious. 

Right well that will have to do for now as more unpacking awaits me.

Till next time xo

Friday, 17 May 2013

I'm so over packing

It's pretty much all done, bar some odds and sods that I will probably just throw in to boxes and deal with at the other end cause I'm over it.

We go & sign the lease and pick up the keys tonight :) My sister is watching the kids afterwards so that we can do a few loads of boxes tonight to get a head start on tomorrow. I have roped in both my sisters (who will watch the kids for us) and their lovely husbands who will be helping us move and lending us their ute and trailer (& muscles). 

I just want to fast forward and have it be over with now, I am not looking forward to the next couple of days of hard work but I am excited about being in our new house.

I am looking at it as somewhat of a fresh start, getting it all set up just so and being better with our diets etc. This week has been all takeaway so I am actually looking forward to cooking a nice meal. Plus just being a better wife/mother/friend in general, god knows why moving in to a new place inspires me to do that but it just seems like a good time to start trying to improve things. 

Turning over a new leaf so to speak.

I will see you all on the flip side of this move, fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!

Till next time xo

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Where did I pack the panadol?

Yesterday I had a headache accompanied by nausea and got bugger all done, the kids were lucky I was able to function enough to watch them...all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep it off. As us mothers know, there is no such thing as sick days. I was grateful that hubby cooked us dinner when he got home, I wasn't feeling up to it. I still feel a bit blah today and the headache seems to be lurking in the background threatening to strike again. Not great timing as I still have sh*tloads to do packing wise and I am not getting much accomplished.

Thankfully I did manage to find the panadol this morning but they don't seem to have perked me up all that much. I should probably be trying to pack more right now but I am struggling to find the motivation. I have managed to notify the phone/internet and electricity companies of our move so at least that's something. Also will be without internet next week until approximately Thursday, although I should check and see if I can still post from my mobile. That is very presumptuous of me, I am assuming that I would be missed...ha ha.

I got a call yesterday to say that my son's bed is in, happy days! I just need to buy a bed rail for it...although I am wondering whether to try the pool noodle trick. Apparently you put one of them under the fitted sheet and it acts as a buffer to stop them falling off the edge. Has anyone tried it?

I can't believe it is now only 4 days until moving day, where has the time gone? Ok well I will just keep it short today, I have laundry to hang out and crap to pack...sigh. Not long now.

Till next time xo

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

Just want to wish all the other lovely mums out there a Happy Mothers Day. I hope you all have a special day filled with love and laughter.

Yesterday was a very glutinous day, we had a decadent lunch for my brother-in-laws 40th Birthday. We also had plans for a special dinner out at a lovely restaurant that same night (which was booked way before we knew about lunch plans). It was my first time meeting a friend that my husband had made through work and his girlfriend. It can always be a bit nerve wracking going out with another couple for the first time. Is there going to be awkward silences, will we have much in common/to talk about? I am happy to report back that we got along famously, it was quite comfortable right from the start and the conversation flowed easily.

They also mentioned going out again, for drinks at a bar etc. I would love to but it is so very hard since I am breastfeeding. We don't get out all that often any more and hearing them talk about their social life (which was rather active) made me just a little envious. It's not that I want to go out and get smashed (I can not even begin to imagine the level of hell it must be to look after kids when you are hungover), I would just like to have the whole night off without worrying about having to race home to the kids. I think it will be easier once I have stopped feeding my daughter but that isn't going to be any time soon.

I was aware of the sacrifices we would have to make once we decided to start our family and I am more than happy to do that. I was willing to stop being selfish and putting my needs first and make it all about the kids. They give me more joy and love on a daily basis that is better than any night out on the tiles could ever be. It's days like today that make me sit back and appreciate how truly blessed I am in life with my gorgeous family. I have a husband who loves me and is the best father to our two beautiful and healthy children, how lucky am I?

I also have to take a moment to give thanks to my own beautiful mum who is looking down upon us from heaven. I love and miss you more than you know and I am grateful to have you watching over us.

Till next time xo

Friday, 10 May 2013

Granny Panties!

Did that get your attention? Hands up those of you that are brave enough to admit that they wear them? I brought a cheapie packet of undies that were two sizes too big back before my son was born to take to the hospital. I am ashamed to admit that not only do I still have them in my underwear draw but that I frequently wear them to bed, they are just so damn comfy! I have been meaning to throw them out and replace them with something nicer, I often wonder if hubby sees me in my granny panties and does an internal shudder of disgust. ha ha

Went to the shops with my sisters today and got the kids some warmer clothes as it is starting to cool down here. There was a moment when we were in a shop that my son resented being put in the pram and proceeded to throw a tanty and carry on. My sister told me to walk away and she would deal with him, now I don't mind that she was trying to help and I let her go for it but if anyone knows how to handle him when he is carrying on like that, it's me. I know sometimes they can be shocked in to submission when someone else tells them to do/not do something but that didn't happen this time and it seemed to take a long time for him to calm down. I didn't say anything as I appreciate all the help I can get but part of me thought I should have just dealt with him in the first place. I'm sure my sisters think that the two year old rules the roost, there are probably times where it is easier to let him think he's getting his way than the argument that would ensue, but for the most part he is kept in line.

Hubby rang me when I was there to ask me what I wanted for mother's day, tsk tsk...I am not someone that likes to tell someone what to get me. I want him to put some thought in to it, he said that he did that at Christmas time and it bit him in the butt. Now this is going to make me sound like an ungrateful b*tch but I guess he has a point. He brought me a lovely leather handbag, a good brand that he got for a good price. It's one downside is it's size, it's so bloody small (especially once I try and put things for the kids in it). I usually get a medium to big ish sized bag so I can comfortably fit things in. This thing is packed so tight it's a mission to get things in or out. See I sound ungrateful, I can't help myself. So I can see why he is hesitant to just go ahead and buy me something, there is a very real chance I may not like it. I should just be grateful that I have a husband who will go and buy me something, not all husbands are good at this stuff. Plus we are going for breakfast and I am blessed with my two beautiful children, so I should stop complaining.

On a side note, I am cooking roast lamb for dinner tonight and it is starting to smell mighty fine...I may just be salivating slightly. ha

Till next time xo

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Little bit closer...

I feel like I am a little bit closer to getting sh*t done after today. Thanks to the lovely help of my girlfriend I managed to get a decent amount of packing done today. I don't know why having her there made me more willing to get stuck in, just having someone to chat to and have a second opinion on things seemed to make the task easier.

I am one of those people that thinks, oh I can't get rid of some stage I might do something with it/need it for something etc etc. I need someone to say, really...will you really do that? Toss it. My husband's first instinct is to just bin everything (sometimes ridiculously so), in the end we usually meet somewhere in the middle.

Today was kindy day for my son, on the way to picking him up there was an awesome rainbow. I had to take a pic to share (when I was stopped at the lights, please excuse my dirty windscreen). Unfortunately the pic doesn't do it justice as you can barely make it out, it was much prettier in real life.

There was also a lovely mother's day surprise waiting for me, see below:

That card says - Caramel Snow Balls.
Ingredients are Caramel Top n Fill, Crushed plain biscuits (so maybe milk arrowroot) and coconut. I can vouch for them that they are delicious, I just polished them off...I was even kind enough to share them with the hubby. They would be super dooper easy to make as well, they remind me of a similar version called Milo Balls that are also delicious and very more'ish. There was also a card that he had coloured in.

Speaking of kindy, he moves up to the bigger room next week. I hope he likes it, he has some friends in there all ready that were previously in his room and moved up so I'm hoping he'll transition fine. I'm also probably going to put him in two days a week soon as well, another thing that I am worried about...I think it will be good for him but still have anxiety over whether it is the right thing to do. I guess we will see when the time comes.

Till next time xo

Wednesday, 8 May 2013're it!

That would be my husband and I tagging each other cause it's either of our 'turns' for trying to settle our daughter. Sometimes she goes down a treat without so much as a protest, but there are times when we need to go in several times to try and calm and soothe her. My daughter is loud, like cover your ears she's calling all the dogs with her high pitched squeals, loud. It also doesn't help that my son is forever going in to the room when she has just fallen asleep and makes noise, then has great delight in telling me 'she's waking up mum', yeah no sh* just woke her up *sigh*

I did things differently this time around, she is put down awake and I rarely pick her up to try and settle her. My son wasn't the greatest of sleeper's and I probably didn't help the situation. I was hopeful that she would be the awesome sleeper that he was not, earlier on she was really good but not so much the last month or so. I'm crossing my fingers that she will somehow sleep longer when she goes in to the cot/her own room once we move.

A mum can dream ;)

I tried to start packing up some of the toy room today, I would put something in to the container and my son would then want to pull it out and play with it. It's going to be a long process. Although I am sure my girlfriend will crack the whip tomorrow and help sort me out, I just look around and get overwhelmed by it all sometimes. Have I mentioned how much I hate moving? There is just so much more stuff when you add kids to the equation.

On a side note, I went and got my nails done pretty. Hubby didn't see my logic in getting my nails done right before we will be moving and lifting boxes etc. I told him that I've had them that many times before (I am someone that gets them, keeps them for a while and then rips them off...and repeat) that I can handle it.
Here is a picture of said pretty nails that I just took for you guys :) They are extra sparkly in the sunlight. I don't know why but having nice nails makes me feel a bit better about myself overall.

Till next time xo

Monday, 6 May 2013

Weekends go too fast dammit

Even though I don't 'work' I still dread Monday's because it means the family fun times of the weekend are over. I wish we could win lotto so we could hang out together all of the time.

This weekend hubby brought himself a bike so he could commute to the train station so that we don't have to get up early and drive him or pick him up during witching hour any more. I was hopeful that today would bring a sleep in, those hopes were dashed when I heard my husband bringing our son in to the room who was chatting away at 5 bloody 40am.'s hoping tomorrow is a better day.

We also ordered and paid for my son's big boy bed yesterday, I was a little disappointed as it may not get in on time for our move. I really wanted him set up in his big bed right from the start when we move in to the new place. The mattress is available so hubby suggested just putting that down on the floor till the bed gets in...the perfectionist/OCD side of me finds that highly annoying. Ah well, it will have to do I guess, I am just crossing fingers that somehow it will arrive in time so I can set up his room all nicely.

We have also booked our flights for a Melbourne trip at the end of August. We have really good friends of ours who will be over from the UK and we wanted to catch up and introduce them to the rugrats. I am really looking forward to it, it has been forever since we have seen them. Family holidays are more expensive now that our son is over 2, we had to pay a full adult fare for him because he is in his own seat now. Thankfully the flights were on sale so it was that little bit cheaper than it could have been.

Just under two weeks now till moving day, still lots to do but lacking the motivation to actually do it. I have a girlfriend coming over on Thursday to help me get stuck in to the packing, should get a fair bit done on that day I would say.

Till next time xo

Friday, 3 May 2013

We got a place!!!

So those that have been reading my posts will know that we have been house hunting for the last couple of weeks, our current lease ends 20th May and I was starting to stress that with only a couple of weeks to go we still didn't have anything locked in.

Until now that is, phew...what a relief. I went and viewed the property Wednesday afternoon and it was the most popular viewing I had been to, it seemed like every man and his dog was there. I was a little disheartened at seeing so many people, I really liked it and I thought that with it being so popular our chances of getting it would decrease. I made sure I emailed through the application and all the documents to the agency that night so it would be one of the first applications to hit their desks the next morning.

Obviously this strategy paid off and I was surprised and elated when I got a phone call later that very morning to tell me we had been approved. I was running around the house doing a happy dance :) What a load off, plus I am really excited about this new place...I think it will make a great family home. It has a big backyard for the kids to play in and 2 separate living areas so I can set one area up for the kids.

Packing has kicked up a notch and the countdown is on, we move in 2 weeks from Saturday. I am not a fan of the actual moving but I really enjoy setting up a new place. We have also decided to move our son in to a bed once we are in the new place so will be going to have a look around on the weekend. May as well kill two birds with one stone and move his sister in to what will now be her cot at the same time. I am a little wary of this whole process and I am just praying that it will go relatively smoothly. I am sure there will be stories to tell when the time comes.

Till next time xo