Thursday, 9 May 2013

Little bit closer...

I feel like I am a little bit closer to getting sh*t done after today. Thanks to the lovely help of my girlfriend I managed to get a decent amount of packing done today. I don't know why having her there made me more willing to get stuck in, just having someone to chat to and have a second opinion on things seemed to make the task easier.

I am one of those people that thinks, oh I can't get rid of some stage I might do something with it/need it for something etc etc. I need someone to say, really...will you really do that? Toss it. My husband's first instinct is to just bin everything (sometimes ridiculously so), in the end we usually meet somewhere in the middle.

Today was kindy day for my son, on the way to picking him up there was an awesome rainbow. I had to take a pic to share (when I was stopped at the lights, please excuse my dirty windscreen). Unfortunately the pic doesn't do it justice as you can barely make it out, it was much prettier in real life.

There was also a lovely mother's day surprise waiting for me, see below:

That card says - Caramel Snow Balls.
Ingredients are Caramel Top n Fill, Crushed plain biscuits (so maybe milk arrowroot) and coconut. I can vouch for them that they are delicious, I just polished them off...I was even kind enough to share them with the hubby. They would be super dooper easy to make as well, they remind me of a similar version called Milo Balls that are also delicious and very more'ish. There was also a card that he had coloured in.

Speaking of kindy, he moves up to the bigger room next week. I hope he likes it, he has some friends in there all ready that were previously in his room and moved up so I'm hoping he'll transition fine. I'm also probably going to put him in two days a week soon as well, another thing that I am worried about...I think it will be good for him but still have anxiety over whether it is the right thing to do. I guess we will see when the time comes.

Till next time xo

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