Thursday, 30 May 2013

Now we're cooking with gas

It's fixed, finally...a week after it was supposed to be but it's finally fixed (the internet that is). Even though I had my phone's 3G to use it wasn't the same and I was going a bit stir crazy without my wifi. I have also for the first time ever managed to burn through my free data with my phone plan, I don't think I went over but it would be close. I clearly have issues with how attached I am to my internet, I honestly don't think I could be one of those people that logs off and has a break, I would miss it too much.

Hubby has taken our son to kindy today as he needs the car for work meetings (so I'm stuck at home, it could be worse though...I could be stuck at home with no internet!). Is it just me or is there something extra sweet about a dad taking their child to kindy? Plus he's dressed in his suit so I'm sure he will give the girls a bit of eye candy this morning (I have a thing for when he's dressed in a suit, sexy). Actually the first time I ever looked at my husband in that way was at a fancy dress school dance when we were 17 in high school and he came dressed in his brother's suit & I remember thinking to myself 'damn, he looks good'. That was the seed that started it all...

We have a family dinner at my mother-in-laws place tonight as hubby's aunty & uncle are in town. Hooray for not having to cook ;) Plus it is good company, they love the kids and are great with them so it will be a nice evening. Plus my mother-in-law is a mean cook so I'm sure it will be something yummy, result.

I have been trying to be good with the theory of 'start as you mean to go on' (that's a saying, right?). I said that when we moved in to the new place it would be like a clean slate and a chance to try and make some positive changes in all aspects of life in general. One of those being cleaning and maintaining the house. My house is usually pretty clean on a whole, but more of a surface clean than a deep clean if that makes sense? I am not a fan of the more intense jobs that are labour intensive and time consuming so they didn't get done as often as they should, which really just made it more work for myself when I did do them because I hadn't done them frequently enough. So I have been making a point of trying to stay on top of things and be more pro-active. There is a website a girlfriend shared a while back called The Organised Housewife, which is a great site in general with lots of tips and what not. On it you can buy different lists and documents to help you get more organised in different areas of your life, there was a cleaning one that is like a checklist of daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks that you need to do around the house. I have that stuck to the back of my pantry door to try and remind me to do items on the list, I'm not perfect by any means but it is a good reminder. Here is the link if you want to check it out for yourself:

I also have some photos to share that I haven't be able to since not having the net, so they might seem a bit random now but here you go.

This is my son's 'big boy bed', nawww.

This was a sunrise taken on the first morning of moving in to our new place, how's the serenity? :)

Confession: I'm a full grown woman that likes Hello Kitty. Don't judge me ;)

This is our fantastic new rug that we brought for the kids play area, I love it. 

This is my gorgeous son in his awesome new superhero pants that we had made. These were done by the awesome Emily of Check her out.

Well that was a longer post than I expected but I was just so damn excited to not be doing it from my phone. 

Till next time xo

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