Friday, 10 May 2013

Granny Panties!

Did that get your attention? Hands up those of you that are brave enough to admit that they wear them? I brought a cheapie packet of undies that were two sizes too big back before my son was born to take to the hospital. I am ashamed to admit that not only do I still have them in my underwear draw but that I frequently wear them to bed, they are just so damn comfy! I have been meaning to throw them out and replace them with something nicer, I often wonder if hubby sees me in my granny panties and does an internal shudder of disgust. ha ha

Went to the shops with my sisters today and got the kids some warmer clothes as it is starting to cool down here. There was a moment when we were in a shop that my son resented being put in the pram and proceeded to throw a tanty and carry on. My sister told me to walk away and she would deal with him, now I don't mind that she was trying to help and I let her go for it but if anyone knows how to handle him when he is carrying on like that, it's me. I know sometimes they can be shocked in to submission when someone else tells them to do/not do something but that didn't happen this time and it seemed to take a long time for him to calm down. I didn't say anything as I appreciate all the help I can get but part of me thought I should have just dealt with him in the first place. I'm sure my sisters think that the two year old rules the roost, there are probably times where it is easier to let him think he's getting his way than the argument that would ensue, but for the most part he is kept in line.

Hubby rang me when I was there to ask me what I wanted for mother's day, tsk tsk...I am not someone that likes to tell someone what to get me. I want him to put some thought in to it, he said that he did that at Christmas time and it bit him in the butt. Now this is going to make me sound like an ungrateful b*tch but I guess he has a point. He brought me a lovely leather handbag, a good brand that he got for a good price. It's one downside is it's size, it's so bloody small (especially once I try and put things for the kids in it). I usually get a medium to big ish sized bag so I can comfortably fit things in. This thing is packed so tight it's a mission to get things in or out. See I sound ungrateful, I can't help myself. So I can see why he is hesitant to just go ahead and buy me something, there is a very real chance I may not like it. I should just be grateful that I have a husband who will go and buy me something, not all husbands are good at this stuff. Plus we are going for breakfast and I am blessed with my two beautiful children, so I should stop complaining.

On a side note, I am cooking roast lamb for dinner tonight and it is starting to smell mighty fine...I may just be salivating slightly. ha

Till next time xo

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