Sunday, 4 August 2013

When it rains it pours

I was lulled in to a false sense of security yesterday...I thought the kids were marginally better and well enough to leave with nana so my husband and I could both go to my brother-in-laws party. I was mistaken, my son hadn't had a temperature all day and had been playing happily, then less than half an hour before nana was due to arrive he started getting warm again and asked to go to bed.

We decided to go due to the fact that it was only 10 mins away and if need be we would come straight home. Turns out we did need to come back as my daughter was out of sorts and just generally miserable. You know it must be bad when nana calls you back, thankfully our daughter seemed happy to see us and perked up somewhat once we were back (she still sounds like Darth Vader crossed with a seal, poor chicken).

The reason for the post title is because not only are both the kids sick, but this morning they woke up with conjunctivitis. My son more so than my daughter, still not pleasant and especially for a little kid who doesn't understand what is happening. On a side note, it is incredibly hard trying to administer the eye drops to an uncooperative toddler. Also I will not be surprised if hubby and I end up getting it as well, fun times.

It's made even suckier by the fact that it is a ridiculously glorious sunshiney day outside, and we have been stuck inside. A massive cleanse was done this morning to try and help alleviate the germ factor that we are encountering. The amount of bed linen washed was a massive undertaking, what's annoying is that I will need to do it all again in a few days time when they are back to good health. I have to give a shout out to my husband though, he vacuumed and  mopped the house without any prompting from me. Major brownie points, am I right ladies? Nothing hotter than seeing your man take the initiative and clean the house/look after the kids etc.

Not the greatest start to the month of August, I would rather have the sickness out of the way then happen right before or during our Melbourne trip. So fingers crossed this will be the last of it...

Till next time xo

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