Monday, 5 August 2013

Dropping like flies

And then there were none...hubby has it now and is home sick today. Part of me can't help but think 'now you know how I felt, only I still had to look after the kids and try and keep the house from turning into a shambles whilst feeling like that!'. Thankfully I am now on the mend, still not 100% health but definitely functioning much better than before. That's probably a small god send seeing as everyone else in the house is fairly miserable and unwell.

Definitely no kindy for my son tomorrow, especially not with having the highly contagious conjunctivitis as well. I have no idea how long that takes to clear up but I really hope that he is well enough to go Thursday, purely because it is his favourite kindy teacher's last day (well Friday is but he doesn't go on a Friday). I hope he doesn't get upset when he realises that she is no longer there, I don't think he is that dependent on her but time will tell. If I can get my sh*t together I will check pinterest for some inspiring teacher appreciation gifts to make her.

Just a short and sweet one today, nothing much else to report.

Till next time xo

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  1. We're hoping you're all better for the end of August xo