Thursday, 8 August 2013

My house is a shambles...

Yet here I am, sitting here writing this post instead of getting stuck in. I'm tired and I just!

So some of you may recall awhile back that I had decided to bite the bullet and start watching the Australian show 'Offspring'. Man I got sucked in quickly because last night they killed off one of the main characters and I was crying like a baby, it was just so sad. Why is it that we get so invested in fictional characters lives? There is no denying that I like my shows and I do get attached to certain characters, kudos to writer's that can make you feel that kind of emotion. Even though you know it isn't real (just like the movies) they can make you feel and relate and empathise. Why is it that I can cry over a character dying on a tv show, but watching the news and seeing those horrible stories doesn't evoke the same emotion? Have I desensitised myself to the harsh reality, or do those people on the news just seem less real to bizarre. I don't like hearing sad/depressing news stories, I would rather not know. Ignorance is bliss and all that...

So I will be taking my daughter back to the Dr this afternoon, poor thing has a nasty sounding cough that concerns me. Here's hoping she is going to start getting better from here on out.

Also I have been slack, I was going to do something for my son's kindy teacher who is leaving (it's her last day tomorrow) and I still haven't got around to it. Maybe if I pull finger I can do something today and bring it in with me when I do the pick up this afternoon.

Ok I guess I have procrastinated enough, I really should get off my bum and go and restore some order.

Till next time xo

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