Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hooray for Public Holidays

Today was a public holiday in Brisbane for 'show day', they have the Ekka (which I guess would be the equivalent of a state fair in the states, lots of rides and entertainment and showbags). Hubby works in Brissy and hence he had the day off.

It was a fun day, we went to Surfers Paradise and grabbed a coffee and walked around. Went for a quick visit to the beach where we dipped our daughters feet in the water and she loved it. Hubby thinks she might be our water baby, my son isn't too bad but he is like me in that he is a wuss if it is cold...and I find anything that isn't almost bath temperature cold, ha.

We went to Timezone which is an arcade parlour with lots of different games, our son had a great time. We had him sit on my husbands lap when we played a car racing game against one another and then later tonight when they went for a drive he wanted to 'sit on daddy's lap', whoops. He also got one of those old school sticky hands with his tickets, ahhh takes me back.

Afterwards we went and met up with one of our best mates for some lunch at the Ferry Road Markets and had a look around at some shops, there is an awesome little toy shop right near there. My son 'wants' everything, thankfully we managed to leave there without purchasing anything.

Also I am happy to finally report that my daughter has turned a corner and is on the mend...she's still not 100% but slowly getting there.

Just over two weeks till Melbourne, I am really looking forward to it...I just hope it isn't going to be super cold. I remember the first time I went to Melbourne with hubby way back when and it was the end of August then too. He did warn me that it was still Winter, and I was all like 'yeah, but it's the end of Winter'. Totally naive to the Melbourne weather, we went for a walk along the beach with his dad one afternoon and before we went out I asked him if a long skirt (what is now known as a maxi skirt) would be ok, sure...he says, it will be fine. Well it wasn't fine, the bloody freezing cold wind went right up under my skirt and nearly froze my private parts! At least I know better now, been plenty of times...the weather there actually reminds me a bit of London (4 seasons in one day and all that).

Till next time xo

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