Sunday, 11 August 2013

Radio Silent

I haven't been on since Thursday, because Thursday afternoon was a horrible tragic circumstances we lost our cat. My husband and I got our cat when we had been together for 6 months, he was 14 years old. It was emotional and I am still getting over it, I am just grateful that my son hasn't clicked that he is not around yet. I am dreading when he asks me where he is, maybe if I'm lucky he won't ask at all.

The weekend has been lovely, the weather has been delightfully sunny. We went down to Byron Bay Saturday morning, had a play at the park and walked around and looked at the shops and had breakfast. We stopped off at Burleigh Heads on the way home (it is a beautiful area on the GC) and did some more wandering around.

Today we went and had breakfast with the kids nana, she is so awesome with the kids...we are lucky to have her. We went and had a play in the park afterwards and then took the 'scenic' route home so both of the kids could have a sleep, ah bliss. Just having a lazy afternoon, was out doing some weeding in the backyard before and now I have a blister on my thumb, oh and a bloody green ant bit me near my bum and it hurts.

Everyone is currently asleep except me, no point trying to have a kip now...I'm sure my son must be due to wake up any minute, he's been asleep 3 hours!!

I will be glad to put this week behind me though, tomorrow is a new day.

Till next time xo

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