Friday, 5 July 2013

Why hello there sunshine

Today has been a gorgeous winter's day, the sun has been shining and it wasn't cold...glorious. Plus you know you're a mum when one of your first thoughts when the sun comes out is 'now I can catch up on some washing'...god knows it's never ending. The more kids you have, the bigger the piles get. It must become quite the operation when you have a big family, there must be a system of sorts in place for dealing with it.

Today is day two of solo parenting (although hubby's home tomorrow so really not that hard to manage), we have had a good day today. I had a girlfriend come over for a catch up this morning (baked some choc chip cookies for the occasion). Then we went to lunch with my sisters and two of my kids cousins, followed by a play in the park for awhile. Good times, it also helps being busy as it makes the day go quicker.

I managed to get to the shops on Thursday and put a toy lay-by for Christmas on, I was really surprised that it wasn't busy at all. I will have to go back again and do another lay-by as there wasn't as much when I was walking around that I had thought I'd seen when I'd gone through the catalogue and I was second guessing my initial indecisive.

Also in other news I think it is safe to say that my son has now officially dropped his day sleeps. He will still have one on the odd occasion but for the most part he is like the energiser bunny that keeps on going. Even when he has been up all day he still doesn't want to go to bed and is sometimes taking till 8-8.30pm to go to sleep. I don't know where he gets his energy from but I wish he'd let me in on his secret.

Something else that is getting on my nerves of late (and I am partly to blame), my go to word that I use now (instead of swearing) when I am frustrated or annoyed is stupid. Hence for the last couple of weeks my son has started saying it...A LOT! It drives me bonkers, he will say stupid mummy if I tell him off for something. I have been telling him not to say it, that it's not nice and it's naughty. I am starting to suspect that if anything, my telling him off has encouraged him to say it even more. I am going to try my best from now on to ignore it, it's hard though as I really don't like it when he says it. I guess I should be grateful that it is this word and not the f-bomb.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, and to anyone from the states a belated Happy 4th of July :)

Till next time xo

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