Monday, 8 July 2013

Ahh crap

My son has Hand Foot & Mouth, he has never had it before and I'm thinking he must have picked it up from kindy on Thursday. The blisters appeared yesterday, apart from that he is his usual frantic self. I rang the kindy this morning to see what the protocol is, I have to keep him home until the blisters dry up as the fluid in them is contagious. I just have to cross fingers that he doesn't pass it on to his sister.

Is it bad that a little part of me is bummed that I have to keep him home as I won't get my 'break'. Of course I love him to bits but I have come to look forward to those kindy days, not that I have them to myself. Plus it's annoying that you still have to pay for the days they don't go...I understand why but it's still a little frustrating. Thankfully I didn't have anything planned so will likely just have a low key week at home. I don't think he could pass it on if we were to go out and about, you have to be in pretty close contact to potentially get it...still probably best we keep to ourselves.

Also I haven't forgotten about doing a blog post on banana loaf, I keep buying a bunch expecting to have a few left at the end of the week (like usual) but they keep getting eaten! I guess that is a good thing but I really wanted to get it done by now. Hopefully the end of this week (I might just buy more than usual in the hopes that there will be left overs).

Just want to take a moment as well to say that I am grateful that all my child has is HFM, found out yesterday that a little boy not much older than my son lost his battle with cancer. He was a brave and smiley little soul who fought hard and it is just so incredibly sad when things like this happen to good people. Life can be cruel and unfair sometimes and it really rams it home that we all need to appreciate our lot in life and be happy for all that we have and try not to think about what we don't have. I am guilty of this sometimes, I need to stop and take a moment and realise how incredibly lucky I am. I love my little family, hug your kids extra tight tonight. x

Till next time xo

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