Thursday, 18 July 2013

2 More Sleeps!

Till what, I hear you ask. PINK!!!

It all happened unexpectedly a couple of days ago. You see, my sister & I tried so hard during all the pre-sales and general sales to get tickets to her concert and it was like getting blood from a stone. The woman is just so god-damn popular (understandably). Needless to say we were rather bummed at missing out.

Skip ahead to a couple of weeks ago when my sister calls me to tell me that SHE is going to pink. What the?! It turns out my other sisters husband had managed to buy two tickets off a lady at cost price and the two of them would be going together. Cue sad face and jealousy from me, I wanted to go the concert...woe is me.

I looked online to check out ticket availability and saw that there was still some tickets available. I asked my sister if my niece would want to come with me. They came over a couple of days ago and my sister suggested I look to see if there were tickets available to the same show as them (this Saturday). I thought there would be no way there would be tickets, considering how hard we tried to get them initially to no avail. You can imagine my surprise that there were general admission tickets right up the front, sweet!

That is why I am now going to Pink this Saturday night with my two sisters and my niece (they are in a different GA section to us but we are all going to hang out beforehand and drive together). I am super excited.

I am also a little hesitant, they want to leave early to make sure we don't get lost. Plus have a look around and grab something to eat and then line up. This means I will probably be gone for about 12 hours. This is obviously the longest time I have ever left my daughter, the same daughter that is not a fan of formula. I have borrowed a girlfriends breast pump (because I find the pressure/suction on my tommee tippee one I brought pathetic), I doubt I will be able to pump enough for that whole time. Hubby will have to try formula and solids in a combined effort to fill her up and keep her happy. I don't envy him as I know what she can be like and it's enough to do your head in when she really lets loose. I am both grateful to him for doing it and feeling guilty for putting him in that position. I am crossing fingers that she goes easy on him...

I am currently munching down a a warmed slice of banana loaf with some warm vanilla custard, a stroke of genius on my's delicious. Maybe that will entice you to make your own ;)

I also came up with an idea for myself/the blog during the week. How many of you lovely ladies are familiar with pinterest? For those not in the know, pinterest is a virtual pin board of sorts where if you saw something that you liked on the internet (over a variety of categories, you would make pin boards for each) you would then 'pin' it to your subsequent board. It is highly addictive and I love it, I am always pinning things to my boards and day I will go back and actually attempt to cook/make that etc.

This has inspired me to set myself a challenge. I am going to attempt to cook one of my pinned recipes once a week and try and do a crafty type challenge every other week and report back how I go. I am terrible at sticking to things (I suck at those photo a day challenges) so I am not sure how I will go trying to do it all the time but I will certainly try. I hope not to end up on one of those pinterest fail memes. Hopefully along the way I will find something really great that I will recommend to you guys and you can try it for yourself.

Till next time xo

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