Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Dun Dun Dahhh

It is the dreaded needles this morning, I hate this part...it makes me a little upset watching them get upset. I was told early on in the piece with my son that it actually gets harder the older they get because they are more aware. I am not looking to the 4 year old shots for that reason, I almost feel worse now though because my daughter has no idea what's coming. Fingers crossed it doesn't make her too out of sorts, it usually has a mild impact on my kids that doesn't hang around too long. 

I also need to bake some Christmas Tree sugar cookies for my son's kindy class today. I will take a pic to post next time if they turn out ok. 

Let's not forget the constant that is cleaning the house, that is also on the agenda...it doesn't help that my son (with a bit of help from his sister of course) trashed the place before I dropped him off at kindy today,

Speaking of my son, we had a adrenalin filled start to the week. He fell over on to the TV cabinet yesterday morning and got a nasty cut right near his eye, he came screaming out to me in the other room and I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw the blood streaming down his face. I was worried that it might be stitch worthy but I managed to stop the bleeding and put a band-aid on. My sisters visited a little later in the day and one of them thought it was borderline needing to be glued so she came with me to take him to the Dr. Because it was so close to his eye they wouldn't risk gluing it for fear of the glue going in his eye, so they put steri strips on it to hold it tighter together. He is going to have a little scar there but would have had one regardless of how they treated it, he was such a trooper at the Dr's and very well behaved. As the saying goes, chicks dig scars...right?! ha

Well I best be off to get a couple of things done before we head to the Dr's for our appointment, wish me luck.
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