Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Smashing Success

It was a relief to hear this morning from my sister upon picking up the kids that it went really well, no problem no fuss...they were well behaved and had a good time. I'm so glad that they were good for her and enjoyed themselves, it makes me feel confident to do it again in the future and not feel guilty about it...they are in good hands. I was worried that my daughter might all of a sudden wake up every hour or something ridiculous overnight and keep my sister up. Apparently she went down at 7.30, woke a couple of hours later and took about 30 mins to go back down but then she slept through till 6am...phew.

The concert was really good, we were in General Admission so standing the whole time...this old duck was feeling it, man my feet and back were killing me, ha. By the time it was over and we drove back to the coast and got home it was midnight, I was knackered. I got up at 7am this morning, that is considered a sleep in at this house ;)

Also I finally submitted an assignment (my first, long overdue) for my online course a couple of weeks ago and I got the result back today...I passed, what a load off. I was packing it that I was going to fail, I think getting the pass has helped get my confidence up to keep going and try and get another one submitted sooner rather than later.

I just realised it is 2 weeks today until Christmas, oh my gosh where has the time gone? I am definitely going to be a last minute shopper out amongst the hordes of other disorganised souls. Maybe I should resolve to be more in charge next year and try and shop through the year when I see things, it's hard to know what everyone wants/likes probably won't happen.

I'm planning on hitting the shops tomorrow to tick another couple off the list, wish me luck!

Take care,

K xo

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