Friday, 13 December 2013

A proud moment

My husband was sent a 'delightful' text this morning...a picture of our son's first ever poo on the potty! As disgusting as it is taking a picture of poop it was a pretty tremendous occasion in our household that I thought he should share in it.

I don't know what it was that finally 'clicked' for my son but for the last couple of weeks he has started doing wees on the potty, this week more then ever. I was getting concerned as he had previously been resistant and shown little to no interest in potty training. Today all wees and said poo has been on the potty, huzzah! Phase 1 is pretty much complete, now to start instigating the next step. At the moment he prefers to run around at home with no pants on and just plonks himself down on the potty whenever he needs to go. I need to start dressing him in undies and shorts and see if he is still able to get on there in time. My sisters think I should have him in undies when we are out, I still put him in a nappy when we go out as I don't think we are quite there yet. They think that would be confusing to him, I will aim for that soon if we keep going the way we are going though.

Can I just say, I had no idea just how often he wee'd throughout the day until I had to clean it up afterwards...this potty training is hard work, ha. I'm glad that we have finally turned a corner though and fingers crossed he will be completely toilet trained in the early New Year.

Hooray for the weekend, hope everyone has a good one.

K xo

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