Wednesday, 27 March 2013

What a crazy busy weekend

Saturday was a much awaited 'Birthday Bash' with some mummies/incredible women that I met online because our babies were all due around the same time. This was for my son so it has been over 2 years that I have been chatting with and forming friendships with these ladies. In the course of that time I have had the pleasure of meeting a handful in person, it is difficult as we are all scattered across the country, with a couple overseas. I myself was living in London when hubby put me on to the Australian site. A couple of them had travelled interstate for the catch up on Saturday which was great. It was truly a great day, if not a little chaotic with all the rug rats getting about. I am just so grateful to have such a wonderful group who have been a great source of support and advice on this little adventure, I have learnt so much!

Sunday was my niece's 6th Birthday and was held at one of those indoor play centre's. Holy crap, kids are nuts! They were running around screaming, plus it wasn't just her was open to the public as well as other birthday parties going on. I pity the poor women that have to work there and listen to that all day, it would do my head in, ha ha. Thankfully it was only for a few hours, my son had a great time though. My daughter couldn't fall asleep from all the screaming while we were there and was knackered, she ended up sleeping for 3hrs when we got home cause she was that tired!

Monday was a play date at my house with some girlfriends and there little ones, I much prefer catch ups at home so that I can relax and feel secure in the knowledge that my house it fairly kid proof and they can run amok. Which gives us mummies a better chance to sit down and chat, going out for coffee etc usually results in having to chase your kid around and make sure they don't touch things etc. ha ha. That was great, I even managed to abstain from the usual sweeties that go along with coffee/catch-ups.

For very good reason! Hubby dangled a big carrot of motivation in front of me the previous evening. He essentially asked me what my ultimate goal weight would be (60kg FYI) and said that if I got down to that he would then buy me (well us really) the 4WD family car that I want (I really want a 7 seater!). He knows how to motivate me, what can I say?! ;) I accepted his challenge and it is game on.

So I will keep you posted with how that's going as well, I am also keeping a food diary to try and keep myself honest and accountable. I am not quite ready to go gung ho but have made changes to my diet and will get back in to exercise next week. Probably wasn't the smartest idea kicking off the week of Easter, I am sure there will be a naughty thing or two consumed over the weekend...I just need to make sure that I make up for it!

Also it would be nice to get some feedback to see if people are reading and enjoying my ramblings, I get paranoid that people aren't really interested/aren't reading and is it worth feel free to leave a comment and reassure me that is not the case ;)

Till next time xo

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  1. I may only read in bursts at odd hours but I am reading and enjoying! Emma