Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sunshine, how I missed you.

We are finally having a break from the rain here in 'sunny' QLD, I didn't realise how much I missed the sunshine till I realised what a nice day it was today...I wanted to get out amongst it and not waste it.

Saturday mornings are my son's swimming lessons with daddy, I used to do it with him last year but pulled him out over the winter because it was getting too cold and he would shiver the whole time. Today was his sixth lesson back and the first time he was actually good and not screaming hysterically. I switched places with my husband a couple of times previously to see for myself how he was and he would get worked up whenever he had to put his head under the water. He was happy as Larry to splash about and kick but all hell would break loose if he knew an activity was coming up where he would have to go under. Apparently today he finally did the lesson and everything thing it involved willingly. Huzzah!

We ended up going out for lunch just the 4 of us, both kids were well behaved. Normally babies have some sort of internal alarm clock that conveniently makes them go off whenever you want to try to eat, ha. After lunch we went across the road for a play in the park. It was a lovely way to spend the day, however brief it was. Gone are the days of being out the whole day (well where you can help it), it's all about trying to work around kids nap times.

Don't get me wrong, I am not anal about leaving the house if they are due for a sleep. Of course I prefer to plan around it if I can, who wants to be dealing with an overtired child if they can help it?!

The only thing that would cap this night off is a nice cold glass of cider and a chocolate bar (or ice cream, I'm not fussy), neither of which I have...woe is me.

So instead I will settle for watching the latest Grey's Anatomy episode, gosh I am such a party animal these days. ha ha.

Till next time x

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