Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Whoops, where have the last 15 months gone!

A lot has happened since I last wrote, most notably...we have added to our brood and my son now has a little sister. 

My son just turned 2 last month (what an 'interesting' age this is!) and his sister was born back in December. Needless to say I was quietly sh*tting myself at what the reality of having 2 would be like. I was rather surprised that so far I have managed to roll with the punches. There are the obvious challenges involved with any busy 2 year old, he likes to test the limits sometimes and see what he can get away with. There weren't any real jealousy issues, occasionally he will tell me to put his sister to bed because he wants me for whatever reason. 

I feel sorry for my daughter slightly, being the second child, she doesn't get my full attention very often. The second child has to put up with their older sibling making a racket and occasionally getting bopped on the head by said sibling. My son was lucky in his birth order in that he got our undivided 1-on-1 attention, he had peace & quiet (which I now realise is not such a great thing) and was probably a touch spoilt.

It definitely has its moments and keeps me busy, I relish the moments where I just get to sit down and do nothing. I especially like it when, on those rare occasions,  the two of them are asleep at the same time...ahh bliss!

My daughter is incredibly cute and I could just eat her up, I love her dearly. I love them both even though they each do things that can sometimes do my head in. Our lives are richer for having our blessed little family. I appreciate it so much more as I recently heard about another girlfriend's friend whose young son is dying of cancer. It is such a cruel world sometimes and my heart aches for that family. As much as our children sometimes give us the sh*ts, we need to stop and realise how god damn lucky we are that they are healthy. 

I'm not really sure what inspired me to come back to the blog and write this post, or whether I will continue to do so. It's certainly hard finding the time and there is always something that needs doing. I must say though that I do enjoy writing and getting my thoughts out so I guess we will see what happens. 

Till we meet again xo

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