Monday, 18 March 2013

It was bound to happen...

A home haircut gone wrong. My husband had cut our sons hair once before and actually did a decent job of it. Unfortunately he was not quite so lucky this time round. It all began when we went out yesterday with the intention of getting it done professionally. However, every single place we went to said they charge a full adults price on weekends and it's cheaper during the week...what is up with that?! So after a lot of umming and ahhing my husband decided to give it a crack. Now my son bears a slight resemblance to Friar Tuck! ha ha...I think my husband forgot that when the hair is wet it is one length and when it dries it shrinks back up. I will be taking him to the hairdresser tomorrow to get it fixed.

Another thing I find frustrating, my son developed a snotty nose & a cough over the weekend (thanks kindy germs). I went to go & buy him some cough syrup today (as I was under the impression it was from 2+) only to discover it is 6+. I mean, come on, how hard is it to develop something age appropriate? What are kids with coughs meant to do for the first 6 years of their lives, suffer? There are a couple of natural options, one of which I tried when he was under 2 as it was from a young age and that did absolutely nothing. If they can make panadol and nurofen for kids that age then surely they could make a cough syrup for them as well. I don't think it is bad enough for a trip to the Dr but I did want to give something to help ease his discomfort as it's been disrupting his sleep a little. Fingers crossed it buggers off on it's on accord and he doesn't get it again  this Thursday.

Time seems to be flying with my little girl, I turned her forward facing in the baby bjorn for the first time today. She is just like her brother in that they both like being able to see what's going on and of course the obligatory chewing on the front of the baby bjorn. I swear by the amount of drooling she is already doing, it won't be long before she has little toothy pegs. Plus she has turned in to a caterpillar, at the end of last week she discovered that if she puts her head down/bum up and pushes of with her legs she can inch forward. That  coupled with the rolling means she is already quite mobile. I don't remember my son being quite that active this soon, it really is true that the second does things quicker as they are spurned on by watching their sibling. It feels like it won't be too much longer and she'll be crawling, she's only just over 3 months!

That will keep me on my toes.

Till next time xo

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