Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter is an evil temptress

I seriously have enough chocolate in the house to feed a small army! I didn't go too crazy but when you add in all the family gifts it adds up to a hell of a lot of chocolate. Thankfully, out of sight out of mind for my son. I will drip feed it to him in dribs and drabs...it's going to take awhile to get through it all. I'm not sure how I will go having temptation so easily to hand when I have a goal to achieve. I'm actually rather surprised that I managed to abstain (for the most part), I have only had a total of 4 small solid chocolate eggs. It was the socialising that got me on the weekend, so the nibbles & food in general (plus I had a cider on the Friday). So what could have been a 2kg weigh loss for that first week ended up being 900g. Still, a loss is a loss and the only way is down from here :)

My hubby went out on a boat for some fishing with his best mate & his mate's dad yesterday (only for a half day, I think even he knows he couldn't get away with a full day when it's a public holiday & we want him to spend it with us). I don't begrudge him these things as for the most part, he does spend his time off with us (he goes for the odd surf on the weekend and is usually back by 9am). I understand that during the week he is working, but to me...that is still a break from the kids and the responsibilities that brings. I guess I am envious of his being able to be away for hours at a time, god knows there are times that I wish I could just get away on my own without them. I think it was just an especially trying weekend as my son has been carrying on at bed time and taking forever to go to sleep. Plus my daughter has been waking numerous times through the night for the past week and I am getting broken snippets of sleep (and not enough at that). So I have been daydreaming about escaping, it's a bit hard when you are breastfeeding though.

This morning was the dreaded appointment for my daughter to get her 4 month shots, god I hate that part of being a parent. You can't help but feel incredibly guilty (even though you know it's a necessary evil), especially seeing as though she was all happy & smiley...poor poppet. I have to say, even though there were tears, she took it like a trooper and stopped crying reasonably quickly. Glad that's over for another two months (although time seems to be flying by).

Till next time xo

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