Thursday, 14 March 2013

Gotta love kindy day...

Thursday is kindy day. My one day a week without my wilful toddler around, my mini tornado of destruction. Don't get me wrong, I love him to bits...but gee he can be a handful sometimes.

We started a new phase a couple of weeks ago, apparently everything is 'MINE' said in an insolent 2 year old kinda way, it drives me nuts. As well as asking for something, then when you make that something he cracks it and doesn't want it. I then say fine whatever don't have it, which results in 'MINE' and taking said item. Gotta love the terrible two's hey, ha ha. I also wonder if anyone else's 2 yr old purposefully makes a mess to play in (with food & drinks). He will tip things out everywhere then play in it, I feel like I am forever cleaning up after him. So it is just nice to have a day off from the destruction.

It also amazes me how different him & his sister were/are as babies. My son was a terrible sleeper (he didn't sleep through the night until 16 months when I weaned him off the boob) but a rather quiet/placid baby for the most part. My daughter on the other hand I call the demanding diva (said tongue in cheek), she can go from 0-100 in a matter of seconds...and boy is she loud! However, unlike her brother she is a decent sleeper (still wakes a few times a night but she's only a few months old). I think you learn not to make the same mistakes twice, so she already knows how to self settle. No patting, shushing or rocking this time siree. Who has the time for that when you have a toddler as well?!

The only other issue we have is that unlike most babies, she doesn't seem to be a fan of the car. Most car journeys involve full on crying, I think it may be part separation anxiety because when I pull over to put the dummy back in/calm her down and she sees me, she calms down. It isn't every single time though so I find it a bit confusing. I am hoping she will grow out of it...

I wonder if these differences are gender related or that they are just there own little person with individual personalities. Obviously they would have their own personalities, I guess you just can't help but compare them. It was the same with my labour, I expected it to be similar this time around and it was totally different.

I can't wait until she is of an age when they can start playing together, at the moment he doesn't really understand why she can't dance with him or play with his toys but bless him for trying. They really do melt my heart on a daily basis, as well as sometimes driving me a little batty.

Ok I suppose I should go and hang out the laundry, seems like the housework is never ending these days...

Till we meet again x

P.S - Is it lame to use the same sign off all the time, cause I'm thinking of doing just that.

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