Saturday, 11 June 2011

Suffering from anxiety!

The reason I am suffering from anxiety is because today was my son's 4 month shots!

It has to be one of the hard parts of being a mum, watching your child in pain and knowing that you are partly responsible. I said to my husband 'it feels like taking a lamb to the slaughter'. A bit dramatic I know, it is made harder by the fact that he had no idea what was coming.

To be fair, he was a little trooper...yes there were tears (thankfully not from me this time) but he was over it fairly quickly. Cuddles from mummy and daddy helped as well and he was smiling and back to his happy self in no time.

I think this time was a little easier than the last, he was so much smaller then and I think as a mum you are so emotional in those earlier days. He was a little unsettled the for a day last time so I am not sure what to expect this time round, so far so good.

I guess I will see what the rest of the day brings...fingers crossed.

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