Saturday, 18 June 2011

Catch ups...

Whoops, didn't manage to post on here yesterday!

Instead we were busy catching up with a girlfriend who had a gorgeous baby girl a month ago. It is amazing seeing how small she was in comparison to my son and to think that it really wasn't all that long ago that he was that tiny.

It really is fascinating watching them grow, he changes from week to week and learns new skills all the time. It is a proud moment when they master some new skill.

My girlfriend and I were also talking about how proud you are when they burp and poo and yet how utterly disgusted you are when your partner does it!

As a mum it is a great past time to trade war stories (birth) and compare traits and just generally seek advice. I vowed when I was pregnant to not be one of those mums who only talks about her child, I have to say though...when you are around other mums, it is hard not to. Not to mention the fact that I don't have much else going on at the moment so that is my main topic of conversation.

It was great to catch up and just hang out, so many of my days are spent just the two of us so it is nice to get out and about and enjoy other people's company.

On on a non baby related note (shock horror) I am getting my hair dyed today...going from blonde to brunette (less maintenance, although I am worried it may show up the greys more...ha). Fingers crossed it looks good.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I too vowed I would never be one of those people that only talk about their children. Yet now I'm finding when I catch up with friends all I talk about is my little man! To be honest I struggle to think of anything else to talk about at the moment other than an exciting trip to Target to buy baby clothes!!