Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Chocolate equals weight loss...right?

When I was pregnant I didn't really have any cravings, towards the end I always felt like (and indulged in) chocolate milk. Not to mention sweet things in general, I typically have a bit of a sweet tooth but try not to cave in too often. 

I am guilty of using pregnancy as an excuse to eat all things delicious, whilst being mindful of weight gain and not going too crazy! I told myself that I would cease eating so much 'naughty' food once my son was born...that I would be 'good' and get back to trying to be sensible when it comes to my diet. 

Well we are 4 months in and I am still craving chocolate and dessert like it is going out of fashion, I 'need' to have at least 1 yummy thing a day, ha. I think I must have developed a taste for it (not that I hadn't had it before but never quite so much). 

The thing I find perplexing is that I have done nothing to really try and lose the pregnancy weight (thankfully it wasn't astronomical) and yet I have still lost weight. I am now about a kilo less than when I first found out I was pregnant, imagine what I could achieve if I actually tried!

I really need to find the motivation to get active and fit, ideally I would like to lose roughly another 8kg's. My husband is always on at me to start being healthy (the both of us, not just me) and we keep talking about doing a food plan but never get around to it. Plus I am guilty of buying sinful items when I go to the supermarket without him. 

I need to make some sort of commitment, although I find it hard to want to exercise when I am so tired! It's a lame excuse I know...I am sure I will get there in the end. I'm sure my husband will be instrumental in making me participate in his getting fit & healthy plan, even if he has to drag me kicking and screaming :) 

Will keep you posted on how that goes.

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