Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Thankfully it is not I who is sick! My poor hubby has a touch of the flu and has been home from work (so I have two kids to look after, ha). I went out and brought some Glen 20 yesterday to try and kill the germs he has been spreading around with his cough. I am hopeful that he won't make the baby sick, fingers crossed.

I am also hoping that I don't get it as I need to be well to look after our son, it just makes it that much harder when you aren't 100%. Although I would gladly be the one to get sick if it spared him, it is horrible seeing your baby unwell and not really being able to do much to help them.

I am meant to have a girlfriend and her baby girl over for a visit today but I have texted to warn that my husband is home and not well as I would hate for him to make them sick! So I am not sure that will be happening anymore, I was looking forward to it as we haven't caught up in a few weeks.

Being a stay at home mum now means that contact with others and the 'outside world' are a treat, that sounds a little dramatic but all I mean is that it is nice to have some company.

Well I'm off to clean the house some more, joy.

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