Wednesday, 29 June 2011


So I have been working on teaching my son to self settle for a little over a week now. There has definitely been progress, sometimes it takes a little longer than others or he may need more help from me.

Overall though, I am pretty pleased with how things are progressing. Generally he will whinge for 5 mins or so and then falls asleep. Sometimes he will be out to it almost straight away, but those times are rare.

He even surprised me a couple of times lately by sleeping longer than one sleep cycle, if only he would do that more often...

Now if I could just get him to sleep longer overnight!

Also it is lucky we didn't go ahead and book our flights yesterday as our first phone bill has come in since we moved in to our new place, which includes a $299 charge for connection (thankfully that will be reimbursed by the real estate but we still need to pay it upfront). We also have car rego due so it is an expensive month.

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  1. Seems we blogged at around about the same time :). Good work with the boy. You're the best!