Monday, 13 June 2011

Coffee is my friend

The aftershocks from shots! It definitely has an effect as he seemed unsettled, however last night (day two) confirmed it.

During the day wasn't too bad aside from the fact that he refused to sleep and what little sleep he had was not nearly enough...he wasn't even making it through one full sleep cycle. This made for an overtired and cranky baby later in the night, which then led to hysterical crying that not even the boobie could cure.

Eventually he went down but it was a very restless night with lots of waking up and just generally being upset and not his usual self. This my friends, is why coffee is an essential part of my daily routine. Especially after a night like last night! I should have brought shares in Zaraffa's before he was born as sometimes it feels as though myself and my husband are keeping them in business.

Thankfully today he seems a lot happier than he was on the weekend, still not quite back to his usual self as it is still proving difficult to get him to go to sleep. Although he did have one decent sleep this morning in the car & pram as we were out and about, he definitely needed it. Thank-god it's a public holiday so the husband was on hand to help ease the load. (If only he would take a bottle of formula so I could leave him with daddy and go catch up on some zzz's).

In other news, we have started him on some solids...he seems to be taking to it quite well. It is an interesting time watching him experience these new tastes and sensations, his facial expressions are golden. Hopefully if we feed him veggies now he won't be as fussy an eater as his dad is!

Here's hoping he reverts back to his normal self soon, a baby that doesn't sleep makes for a very tired mummy.

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