Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I need a holiday after my holiday

We got back from Melbourne last night, after spending 4 fun filled days there. Though those days were jam packed and lots of fun they were exhausting. There is no such thing as a holiday when you are travelling with kids, ha. To be fair though, for the most part they were fairly well behaved. 

The flight there they both had a sleep, although my daughter only slept about 20 mins of the just over 2 hour flight. I was hoping she would sleep for the duration since it was such an early flight...no such luck. One of my favourite nicknames for her is wriggle worm because she is never still. If possible she was even more wriggly on the flight home, no sleep at all that time. Although she was being incredibly cute/cheeky with the lady sitting behind us...she kept looking through the gap and giving big grins, it was adorable. It's not much fun trying to keep a baby that just wants to go in one spot for two hours, I was knackered yet she still managed to stay awake until well after we got off the plane. We were hoping both the kids would at least crash in the car on the way home from the airport and wouldn't you know it, neither of them did! I think my son finally crashed a little after 9pm last night, I don't know where they get their stamina from...I could have gladly closed my eyes and been asleep much earlier than that!

It was great catching up with our friends that we hadn't seen in years, they both managed remarkably well staying in an apartment with us and the kids considering they don't have kids themselves...very brave indeed. Our daughter took a bit of a shine to the husband, poor guy...she wouldn't leave him alone (it was incredibly cute though). The time flew by though, sucks to know that it is going to be years until we see them again. 

We managed to fit in a few catch-ups with family and friends, there was much food consumed and I am not looking forward to weighing in. Today marks the start of 'being healthy', I promised the hubby that I would start being good from today and make an effort to be healthier. 

Now here is a crap load of photos from the trip, and a couple taken just before.

Loving my new hair

Out for an afternoon family walk, how's the serenity...

Grease, it was a great night.

On the way to Melbourne

Our awesome digs for the stay

Cheers to being on holiday!

Yummy Melbourne cafes

Love all the street art scattered about the place

Apartment views, St Kilda.

I have a love affair with coffee

case in point ;)

Out and about in St Kilda

Early morning hot air balloons, there were 6 of them.

Yarn bombing awesomeness.


Street Art

More yarn bombing

More apartment views, Luna park

One of the delicious displays on Ackland St

Love this one...

Luna Park

Street Art

Can you spot the Grinch?

How awesome does this display look!

On the flight home

Back to normality now, I have an enormous amount of washing to get through.

Till next time xo

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