Saturday, 7 September 2013

Spring has well and truly sprung...

We are having some beautiful weather here on the GC, I know it's only Spring but it is getting me excited about Summer. I look forward to all the social gatherings and BBQ's that this time of year brings, it makes me more appreciative of where we are in the world, it really is a gorgeous place to live.

Mind you, we still bring up the possibility of moving to Melbourne whenever we visit. It just has a lot going for it as a city and reminds us both of London. Who knows what the future may hold, for now I am pretty happy with our lot in life so don't see the need to upset the apple cart.

We went to a friends house for a BBQ today and our son was playing so well with their daughter, she is only a few weeks younger than he is. It's always nice as a parent to watch your kids play happily with other kids and behave themselves, plus it's an added bonus that our kids get along well together. They had a trampoline at their place and our son loved it, it was one of the ideas we were tossing up as his main Christmas present and that just sealed the deal...a trampoline it is :)

Today was voting day in Australia, we walked down to the local school to cast our vote and then went to the park and past the coffee shop and supermarket on the way was a nice little walk. Although I'm considering throwing all that effort away for an ice cream. Today is my 'cheat day' and I haven't really taken advantage of it, I need a sweetie. It depends whether I can be bothered driving up to the servo or not though, my general laziness could win out.

One of my close girlfriends has just lost her Uncle to cancer so I would just like to say a big F*CK YOU to cancer, hopefully one day they will find a cure.

Till next time xo

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