Saturday, 28 September 2013

Happy Grand Final Day :)

Yay it's the weekend, also for those of you that follow AFL (Australian Football League for non aussies) today is Grand Final Day. While my team isn't in the final we are still hosting a BBQ with friends and will be watching (well I be half-assedly watching). 

I was slack this week and didn't post at all, I just had one of 'those' weeks. You know the ones where your children drive you mental and you fantasise about running away. Boy does my son know how to push my buttons, he can be really trying sometimes. Then on the other hand he has moments of being incredibly cute, just to keep me on my never know which version you are going to get. These toddler antics can be full on, they are so emotional and can go from one extreme to the wears me out. 

So I have been laying low and feeling a little lazy, hence no baking post. I will try and do one this coming week. Also the upside to hosting a BBQ is that my house is spotless (the calm before the storm, it won't stay this way for long) and cleaner then it has been all week. Speaking of cleaning, I am so over my son deliberately trashing the joint...I'm talking toys scattered from one end to the other and everything just tipped out and thrown about. It drives me nuts, I am forever cleaning it up off and on throughout the day and I wonder sometimes why I bother. I should just leave it a pig sty and clean it when they go to bed. I just can't help myself though...I can't stand the mess. 

This is my 100th blog post, not terribly exciting but I'm a little proud that I have kept it up this time around. I hope that for the handful of you that follow along on a regular basis, that I haven't bored you too much ;)

Well that's all for now, people will be arriving shortly. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. 

Till next time xo

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