Saturday, 5 October 2013

Hooray for long weekends

Sorry I have been a bit neglectful of late, I haven't felt as though I have had much to say or anything really of interest to share. I guess I am feeling a little uninspired, I need to try and be a bit more pro-active and do more exciting stuff.

Wednesday we went to the Rockpools with my sisters and nieces again, the kids absolutely love it there. They had a ball and we walked down to the massive playground area after playing in the water, it was a great day. We had hot chips and calippos (it was a hot day), a perfect summers day...even thought it's not summer yet. They were both exhausted and fell asleep in the car on the way home, is always a bonus if they go to sleep at the same time...ahh peace and quiet so mummy can relax with a coffee and a book.

Yesterday we went to the movies for the first time ever with my sisters and nieces again (school holidays are awesome, he loves his cousins)...we went to see Turbo. I think he did rather well for his first time and seemed to enjoy it, he smashed a lot of popcorn in to his one does at the movies ;) He got a bit restless towards the end but was fairly well behaved. My daughter was overtired and cried for a bit so I took her out near the doors, finally managed to get her to sleep but she only catnapped for about 15mins and then woke up. My sister took her down the very front right in front of the screen where she was having fun walking around and climbing up and down the steps. All in all I think it went quite well, hubby was a bit bummed to miss out on his first cinema trip but I suggested he go and take him to see Planes just the two of them :)

I had a quick catch up with some girlfriends last night at one of their places as they were hosting a scentsy party, I had never heard of it before. It is an American brand that has just launched in Australia. It is a rather cool concept, it is kind of like an oil burner but it is electrical rather than flame (so safe to leave going 24/7) and the wax that is used only gets warm not burning hot, better for little ones if they happen to touch it. The little wax cubes that you buy come in 60 different scents and 1 cube thing/the smell lasts for 10 hours. I am rather intrigued to see how it goes when I get mine. I just ordered 1 burner and 3 different wax scent packs. Worth a look for those that use all of those home fragrance products on the market.

Tonight is also date night (well a group date), we are out for dinner and a couple of drinks (I'll be driving) with some friends. I am looking forward to it, we don't do it all that often so I really enjoy it when we do. I get to feel a little bit like the old me again, not that I long for the old's just nice to be me rather then mum.

It is a glorious day out there today, we don't actually have any plans yet...will have to go out and make the most of it.

I hope everyone else has a fun filled weekend :)

Till next time xo

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