Monday, 24 June 2013

It's a bit fresh

Gorgeous day outside but gee it's a bit fresh (aka chilly)...I never thought that I would find Gold Coast weather cold after living in London but it's amazing how fast you acclimatise. Mind you, it is nowhere near as cold as it was in London and I don't require copious amounts of layers to go outside but there is definitely a chill factor.

What a great weekend I just had, jam packed full of fun.

Friday night was dinner (teppanyaki, yum) with the girls followed by a few games of bowling (of which I sucked and came last every time, ha) and finished off with a delicious hot chocolate at Max Brenner's. It was a great night with good company.

I was fortunate enough to have two child free nights in a row, so thankful to nana for watching the kids for us on Saturday night. We went out for dinner with a bunch of friends at the Mecca Bar in Broadbeach. We had the two course buffet, it was delicious and so much food. Followed by a quick pint (for the hubby, I was driving) at the Bavarian Beer House across the road, people wanted us to stay and kick on but I pulled the plug just before 10.30pm cause I knew my daughter was potentially up and screaming the house down. We got home just before 11pm and she'd been up for an hour and had kicked up a stink off and on so I'm glad we left when we did. We tried buying formula for these such occasions and just like my son, she is also not a fan.

Yesterday was the christening of our little nephew, thankfully my kids were reasonably well behaved during the ceremony. It's not easy keeping a 2 year old entertained for almost 45 mins when they have to be semi quiet and stay put, not my son's strong point. Afterwards we went back to my brother-in-laws house for a BBQ to celebrate the occasion, there were lots of kids there and my son had fun playing with his older cousins toys and stuffing his face with chips. My daughter managed to pull a full glass of my juice onto us (mostly me, all over my lap) which was not so fun, you always pack a spare outfit for the kids but never yourself. It was a pretty long day for us and we were all knackered by the time we got home. Lazy afternoon followed by some take-away pizza & ice cream for dinner /dessert (naughty I know) was a great finish to the day. Also did everyone see the super moon, it was so big and bright...awesome.

I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend and has an even better week.

Till next time xo

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