Monday, 10 June 2013

Good times

What a crazy busy weekend, it was good though...lots of social occasions and catching up with friends and family.

Friday night was my nephews 21st, I would have loved to have stayed longer but when you have two tired little ones in tow you can't rage on in to the wee hours. We left around 8.15pm and our son wasn't in bed till close to 9pm so it was a long day for him, he had a great time playing with his cousins though.

Saturday we went to the shops, I brought myself some M.A.C make-up with my mother's day voucher (side note: it is so much more expensive here than it was in London, which I find super annoying). We then had a BBQ to go to at our friends place. That was good fun, they have kids very similar in age to our two. We also made plans to all go out for dinner (without kids) in a couple of weeks time, should be nice.

We had also made plans for nana to come and watch the kids Saturday night so hubby and I could go to the movies. We went and had sushi for dinner and then saw 'Hangover 3'. I think the original is always going to be the best, which is why number 2 was a bit of a let down (but still had its moments), 3 was definitely an improvement on 2 and quite funny...we enjoyed it.

Sunday we had another BBQ at a different friends place to go to (BBQ central this long weekend), that was also a great time and good conversation. There was a little girl there close to my son's age as well and it was great watching them play together as they were being very sweet with one another. It was the first time I had seen my son hold hands with a little girl and walk along together, melted my heart.

Finally today we had my sisters and their families over for a roast (feels like a Sunday) lunch, I owed them all a little thanks for their help with the move from a few weeks back so it was our way of saying thank-you. I am rather full and don't think we will bother having dinner after that effort (although I still feel like a sweetie).

Also I am crossing fingers that my son wakes up feeling better tomorrow, the poor munchkin isn't all that well and has just fallen asleep for the second time today. I think he is knackered from running around with his cousin earlier but now that the nurofen has worn off he feels crummy again and has a bit of a temperature. Might not be going to kindy tomorrow, will see how he feels/is in the morning.

I hope everyone else had an enjoyable weekend.

Till next time xo

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