Thursday, 6 June 2013

Gotta love kindy days

As much as I love my son, things are much more relaxed and peaceful on kindy days. These little mini breaks do us both the world of good. Even though he protests in the morning about going to kindy, without fail every time I pick him up he tells me he had a good day at kindy. It is definitely needed sometimes to help maintain my sanity, especially after my day yesterday. Today is a new day though and every day is different.

This morning I met up with a couple of girlfriends after I dropped my son off. Coffee and chats were just what the doctor ordered. The great thing about talking to other mums is that they can all relate with what each of us is going through. It's comforting to know that there are other people out there experiencing the same things I am. It's also nice to get a different perspective on things or how they dealt with certain issues. We also locked in a dinner & movie night next weekend, looking forward to it.

I was contemplating going and browsing the shops today but I just could not be a****. Instead I did what I do everyday, household chores. I swear sometimes it feels a bit like groundhog day. I was also thinking to myself the other day how futile it sometimes all seems. I am forever picking up and putting away toys throughout the day and I realise that it is redundant as he is still playing and just pulls them back out. I can't seem to stop myself though, maybe it is my slight OCD'ness (totally a word) coming out.

We have a busy weekend ahead, Friday night is my nephews 21st Party. Saturday nana is watching the kids so the hubby and I can go to dinner and a movie. Lastly Sunday we have a housewarming/BBQ to go to. It's rare that we have so many social engagements, most weekends are spent just doing our own thing.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend :)

Till next time xo

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