Monday, 3 June 2013

the dreaded needles

It's time for my daughters 6 month shots this morning, I don't look forward to these appointments. I always feel a little liking I'm taking an unsuspecting lamb to the slaughter. Slightly over dramatic I know, there's just a sense of mummy guilt because I know it's going to hurt her. Lots of mummy cuddles will follow the jabs, she usually calms down quite quickly but it breaks my heart to see her little face screw up and cry.

This morning will be extra difficult as I wasn't able to get someone to watch my son, so I will be bringing him along and hoping that he behaves himself and doesn't destroy the place.

Speaking of my son, we finally have a new favourite movie (other than Cars and Thomas which we have watched that many times that I could almost recite them word for word) is 'Hop'. It's actually a pretty cute movie and he seems to like it. It's a bit of a breakthrough to get him to watch something else to begin with. I have tried with Finding Nemo before (which I love) and he won't have a bar of it. Hubby wants to go and watch Despicable Me 2 (without kids, ha ha), we are both fans of a good kids movie. I can't wait till my son is of an age where we could go and watch a movie at the cinemas together. I still don't think he would have the attention span to sit still and watch a movie and I don't relish the thought of trying to chase him around a cinema and interrupt everyone else.

I need to organise nana to babysit so the hubby and I can go and see the new Hangover movie. I remember when the Hangover 2 came out and I had the brilliant (or so I thought) idea of going to see it at the Drive-In and taking our then 6 or 7 month old son who we assumed would sleep through the whole thing. It was a double feature and he cried off and on for the whole first movie (which thankfully wasn't the Hangover). We didn't try it again...ha.

Till next time xo

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