Tuesday, 4 June 2013


I'm sitting here stuffing my face with crackers and dip procrastinating on all the household chores I should be getting stuck in to. Today is now also kindy day which means I have a bit more time on my hands to get stuff done.

I still have what I refer to as 'my room of junk', which is stuff that I still need to unpack and find a home for. My only gripe about the new place would be it's lack of storage, I need to get creative and figure out where I can put everything. I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of crap that I still need to sort through and just look at it and don't know where to begin. I just need to bite the bullet and start already. I should probably do that today...ok I will at least make a start today. I also need to vacuum and mop (oh how I loathe mopping, which is strange as I don't mind vacuuming and they are not all that different!).

I am torn though as I also want to do something crafty but I am not really sure what, nor am I organised. I need to set up the printer somewhere so I could print off a pattern. Maybe I will do something on Thursday (the next kindy day) instead. I did manage to make a very small start to one of my projects on the weekend. Remember the menu board planner I posted a link for in a previous post? Well I finally manage to cover my cork board that I brought forever ago in fabric (go me, not really...it only took about 5 mins). I think making the board itself will be the easiest task of that project, it is getting together all the different meals/recipes for it that will be time consuming. (Also feel free to hit me up with any tried and tested family favourites).

Here is a pic of the beginnings of what will become my menu board (I realised afterwards that I probably should have ironed it first, meh)

This is some gorgeous fat quarter's that I brought from Fabric Love that I just couldn't resist. I can see how people have fabric addictions, I haven't decided what I will make with it yet I just wanted it. It was the vintage candy inspired fabric that I spotted on facebook that started the whole thing. How sweet is their little thank-you gift as well. 

This was my spotlight haul from the weekend. The wool felt on the right was the only thing I got with an actual project in mind (I will be making a couple of softies out of it, at some stage). The purple pinwhale cord I would like to try and make some pants or overalls for my daughter. That sweet pink fabric was just too cute that I had to get it. Did I mention I am an absolute beginner and have no idea what I'm doing? I don't care though, I will figure it out as I go along and share my wins and losses with you guys :)

Last but not least this is a random photo of a conversation my son must have had with Siri and I just had to share. I think it is really cute that at some stage he must have said something about daddy's work, nawww. 

An update on yesterday, we survived the doctor's appointment in one piece. My son was relatively well behaved and my daughter only cried for seconds and then was all good. The rest of the day was not such a triumph, it wasn't terrible but not so great either. My son (who will be 2 and a half in a couple of months) decided he didn't want a nap. Trust me when I say that he is not ready to give up his day sleep and is still tired enough to warrant one. He is a stubborn little mite though (gee I have no idea where he gets that from, ha) and I was too tired to fight him on it so just gave up and let him stay up. There were moments of whinging but no full blown meltdowns thank-god. He still managed to do my head in on occasion and I was well and truly looking forward to his bedtime. He still managed to make it to 7pm and still protested that he didn't want to go to bed but was out like a light in 10 mins. He even managed to stay asleep when I discovered half an hour later that he had done a poo and I changed his nappy.

This morning was an early start, my daughter is an early riser and was awake from 5am (though I managed to ignore her and stay in bed for an extra 30 mins). It might be a two coffee day for me (I am normally a one a day girl). I still managed to find something to smile about despite the early start. Even though my son can be a bit horrible to his little sister at times, there are also times he can be incredibly sweet. Like this morning, I was in my room getting ready when I heard my son in his sister's room (where she had been sleeping before he woke her up, although thankfully she'd had an hour and a half so I didn't mind that he woke her up) talking to her and saying peek-a-boo. So cute.

It's those moments that make up for all the other times when you want to pull your hair out.

Till next time xo

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