Monday, 29 April 2013

Can someone please go to the supermarket for me?

Pretty please? Gone are the days where food shopping was fun (like way back when you first move out of home and all that stuff is an adventure) is such a chore and I am over it. It is a necessary evil as we all need to eat, half my battle is trying to figure out what I am going to cook for the week. Every week I have good intentions of sitting down and writing out a meal plan and being all organised and sh*t, doesn't happen. I usually make off the cuff decisions once I get there and then undoubtedly at least one lot of meat doesn't get used and is turfed...such a waste of money.

On my to do list of craft projects (of which there are many) is a menu planner board thingy (I believe that is the technical term). I got as far as buying the whiteboard & some wooden pegs to pin my week day recipes to the board with. This was posted by another girlfriend on a group I am in and I have taken it as my inspiration:

Maybe once I get round to starting it I will document my outcome and share some pics, no-one hold your breath though.

Another reason for delaying the shopping trip, there is always a kerfuffle with my son about getting him to sit in the trolley seat. He wants to sit in the main part of the trolley with the food, I have done this before and things end up getting trampled. If I do manage to avoid an argument and he sits in it, he is prone to change his mind and demand to hop out/sit in the other part/want mummy cuddles. It can be difficult, I have my daughter strapped to me in the baby bjorn and have to hold him on my hip with one arm and navigate the trolley with the other. Then I inevitably get a sore arm having to hold on to him and have to put him back in the seat, which leads to more carrying on. Oh the joys...

Let's end on a nice note though shall we? Yesterday hubby looked after the kids for a few hours so I could go and browse the shops and have some me time. While I was there I treated myself to a pedicure and have lovely bright neon pink toenails that make me smile :) 

Till next time xo

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