Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Fussy Eaters...who'd have em'?!

ME, that's who! two year old son is such a terribly fussy eater, it really 'grinds my gears' (as Peter from Family Guy would say). There is nothing more frustrating then cooking a nice meal to then have your toddler even refuse to try a bite. If my son had his way he would exist solely on hot chips/fries and maybe the odd nugget.

There is only 1 sure fire hit/meal that I know he will gobble down...risotto. He loves rice but eats around the chicken and any type of vegetable, but he always asks for seconds. He also likes bacon (which is in the risotto), corn on the cob & noodles. Those are things I know he will eat, the list of things he won't eat is ginormous. (that's a word right?). There are other things he will eat obviously but you get my drift...

I am losing the battle and sick of the fight of trying to encourage him (or bribe, but he's incredibly stubborn...I  could have played a part in that) to try things. Because he gets sayings mixed up he will say 'I like it' when referring to a particular food we are trying to get him to eat instead of 'I don't like it'. If only he meant what he was saying, it would make my life so much easier.

I have stopped trying to cook nice meals for him that I know he won't eat because I find it incredibly frustrating and disheartening. I know I should stick with it and some nights I do still try but for the most part to avoid the whole scenario I make him something I know he will eat. Because I don't like the thought of sending him to bed without having eaten a decent amount (not that he does, but something is better than nothing). I don't want to be one of those parents whose child dictates what they want for dinner and I am having to cook separate meals, bugger that.

I wish he would just magically stop being so damn difficult and just start eating. I envy those people whose kids eat a variety of foods and large quantities. I know my boy is healthy and happy but he's such a featherweight, I would love for him to pack some more meat on his bones.

I know nobody really bothers to comment on posts (for the most part), but feel free to hit me up with your suggestions. I am willing to try almost anything ;)

Till next time xo


  1. We are just starting to see some progress with Isaac eating solids. He mostly likes eating in the morning but he's getting better at dinner. Not very diverse offerings at this stage... mostly he wants what's on our plates. How did you introduce solids? Any tips?

  2. I am hardly the best person to offer advice considering the situation we are currently in, ha. Is he hungry at dinner time or has he filled up on snacks in the afternoon? Is there are way he could have what you are eating in a more kid friendly version? If you served him up his own little bowl and let him go for it...they love getting stuck in to it and messy. I used to freak out about the mess but he enjoyed it more when he was able to take control and feed himself. Could be worth a try?

  3. Yeah, we try to give him a version of what we're having. He definitely prefers being allowed to feed himself! The spoon generally gets chewed if we try to use it. Anything you think you'll try to do differently with the DD?

  4. Introduce more of a variety of fruit & veg earlier and also when she is a little bigger just putting it on her high chair and letting her go for it. I want to try and make more of my own baby food this time round, I have to admit I used pouches with DS.