Friday, 12 April 2013

What a miserable day today...makes me want to crawl back in to bed (if only!)

Gone are the days of being able to lie in bed and watch movies all day on a miserable day such as today. I have been struggling with getting out of bed the last couple of weeks as my daughter has been feeding/waking up around 5am each day and then my husband gets up at 5.30am to have breakfast and start getting ready, so even though I don't physically get up out of bed until about 6am, I have usually been awake a lot earlier than that. I used to think having to get up at 7.30am (pre kids) for work was a travesty, my how times have changed.

Weather like this makes me feel lazy, I can't be bothered leaving the house (although I do need to go buy some masking tape so I can start packing...more on that in a sec). I also find myself less inclined to bother cleaning quite as much, the rain and the slightly cooler weather make me just want to hibernate. Having an active 2 year old and a very wriggly & demanding 4 month old do not allow me to sit on my butt and veg.

Silly me should try and fit in a nap when they both sleep but instead I find myself sitting on the couch watching one of my recorded TV shows, when will I learn?! I know I should prioritise sleep (because I am constantly tired but have just learnt to live with it) but I can't help but enjoy the quiet and the 'me time' to just watch a show in peace. I seriously think I have issues when it comes to how much television I consume sometimes, my husband has even suggested that I put TV above him (I have to admit that sometimes I would rather watch my shows than have some 'snuggle time', bad wife).

So as for the masking tape I need to buy, the place we are renting finally sold a few weeks back (it had been on the market since September and I was over having open homes & viewings for it). I brought some boxes last weekend so I can start the process of packing and finally went to put my first box together yesterday only to discover I don't have any masking tape. I had already been out and about in the morning and by the time I discovered this I could not be assed to go back out. There is no such thing as ducking in to the shops when you have kids. I had planned on going today so I can get started but it is peeing down with rain and I especially don't enjoy getting the kids in and out of the car in this we will see how the day pans out.

God I hate moving house, especially the cleaning of the old house and dealing with the real estate to get your bond back...such a hideous process. I do however like setting up a new house and unpacking and getting everything all nice and organised when you first move in...not that it ever stays that way. We went to our first house viewing on Wed (the kids and I), not for us so the search continues. We have until mid May so I'm sure something decent will come up between now and then. So many places are incredibly over priced for what they are, I wish we could just win the lotto so we could buy our own place ;) (don't we all!). Ahhh well, I have rambled enough for today...

Till next time xx

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