Thursday, 25 April 2013

I could be an extra in 'The Walking Dead'

So my daughter has been out of sorts and unsettled for the last couple of nights, causing her to wake once or twice every hour or so overnight...I'm guessing teething could have something to do with it. She has two little white bumps where her fangs will be, she is also a little snuffly/blocked up at the moment which isn't helping her breathing and yesterday she had a clear runny nose. This all makes for one very tired mummy, frustratingly I just tried to go and have a nap while both kiddipops were down and do you think I could fall asleep?! I could not turn my brain off or for the life of me get comfortable, woe is me.

Also still having issues with her brother refusing to eat, last night was a battle of the wills...2 year old toddler vs. very determined daddy. Needless to say, my son is one incredibly stubborn child. There was a meltdown of epic proportions that lasted quite awhile and still ended with him not having tried one bit (I swear it was nothing hideous, just some lamb, mash & corn on the cob...which he normally loves). He went to bed without dinner after hubby admitted defeat. It is so incredibly frustrating, I was banished from the room as I would have caved, it breaks a mother's heart to listen to them when they are so upset. We will keep trying though and hope that he will learn and get with the program, we would both just be happy if he would at least try things.

Also I would like to put in an order for some motivation to get this packing and cleaning done. Still nothing locked in yet, hopefully sometime in the coming week...I don't like not knowing where we will be living in 3 weeks time, it's stressing me out. God I hate moving...

Oh and if it's not too much to ask, could I pretty please win the $50 million in the lotto tonight? Thanks in advance ;)

Till next time xo


  1. We paid the extra to have people clean for us when we moved. It cost about $180 but that includes steam cleaning and a bond-back guarantee. It was such a load off! I really really recommend doing it.

  2. We are probably going to hire cleaners as well, however the downside of having such a large house means it will cost a fair amount to get it done. I had a look at one site and a rough estimate was $600, plus it's an unknown variable as it is hourly and you don't know how long it's going to take and therefore cost. So bloody expensive, sigh.

  3. That is ridiculous! Find some teenagers to do it!