Wednesday, 1 January 2014

It's a new dawn, it's a new day...

I hope everybody had a happy and safe New Year's! Mine was fairly low key, and if it hadn't been for some sneaky (fireworks are illegal here) local fireworks being let off at midnight, I would have slept right through it. New Years can be one of those holidays that has all the hype and high expectations around it that usually ends up being a huge disappointment. Now that I have kids, I don't have big plans for celebrating and seeing the new year in...sleep trumps all. I can't think of anything worse then having to get up and be a parent with a massive hangover and bugger all sleep. More power to you if you can manage it :)

Being the stationery nerd I am, I look forward to using my new diary. Does that make me a little bit sad, ha. Here is a picture of said new diary, isn't she pretty?! I need to start making plans just so that I can write them in there.

Plus it's always nice to start things off fresh and on the right foot, I am all about being positive this year. I want to make an effort to be more in the present, more face time/less phone time. I am a slave to social media and I need to take a step back (you guys and the blog don't count in that though!). It is crazy how fast that last year went by, I am sure there were things that I would have missed because I was too busy catching up on facebook. I think I suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), I honestly think I would struggle to go a week without it. Maybe that is a challenge I need to set myself, I'm sure if I set my mind to it I could achieve it. It's amazing what you can accomplish if you are determined to succeed. I know that my husband would be most impressed if I were to do that, I'm pretty sure he hates my phone. It is a bit of a buzz kill, I have enough manners to put the phone away when I am out with other people. Why is it acceptable to not show the same courtesy to my own family, something's not right there. I am going to make a conscious effort to be on it less this year, time with my family should be and IS more important. 

This afternoon we went on a family walk to the local supermarket and then the park, it was nice to get out and about and do stuff like that as a family. Sidenote - man I am unfit and god damn it why do we have to live in such a hilly suburb. It was the first step in the right direction and undoing all the damage over the festive season. 

Well, I best be off to bed. I wish you all nothing but good things over the coming year :)

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