Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Quality time

We actually ended up heading out for a family walk Sunday afternoon after I posted. When hubby first suggested it, it was safe to say I was not keen. I assumed he meant locally around our hilly area in the heat, thankfully that was not the case. We drove and parked the car at Macintosh Island and walked in to Surfers Paradise (our son was on his Thomas bike while daddy pushed/steered him). We then ended up having some dinner at Vapiano's, was a bit of a shamozzle...they lost my husband's order and only realised when we went to enquire after almost an hour of waiting. Unfortunately we weren't asked when I went to pay how everything was so no compensation was offered, maybe I should have said something anyway. I took a few pics along the way so thought I would share some.

View from Macintosh bridge

View the other side of Macintosh Bridge (towards Surfers)

Random street art on the bridge

Beach life

The kids Margherita pizza at Vapiano's
(which my daughter devoured and my son refused to even try...sigh)

How's the timing here with that seagull swooping in as I was taking the photo...awesome

Sunset between highrises

More random street art on the bridge on the way back

Mario Bros. 

So cool

Gold Coast represent

This was not part of our walk, I just had to share my wrapping job cause I thought it was cute

Speaking of cute, is it possible to love an envelope? Man I love stationery...

Yesterday there was a decent storm that rolled in so I took some pics of the storm clouds, they don't do it justice in the pictures though. It was only about 3.45pm and it was dark outside. 

I love cloud pics, hope you don't find them too boring!
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