Saturday, 11 January 2014

Thank-god it's the weekend...

It has been one of 'those' know the ones where the kids are driving you bat sh*t crazy, yeah those.

I swear to god my son is deliberately pushing my buttons and being naughty to get a reaction out of me...exhibit a - he had a biscuit and proceeded to crumble it up and spread cookie crumbs around everywhere and then came out to get me and said 'come and look at my mess mum', even though he knows that what he did was naughty. 

That is just the tip of the ice berg, I think it has been a longer week because he didn't go to kindy at all this week because of conjunctivitis and therefore I haven't had a break from him and he has just been full on. Plus my daughter is getting increasingly difficult to go down for her afternoon sleep, to the point where I end up giving up and just let her stay up till bed time. It's exhausting and she's only 13 months so surely she isn't dropping down to one day sleep already...god help me if she is.

It's been an incredibly frustrating week where I have fantasised about running away (not really) and having some peace and quiet. I imagine myself in a nice quiet cafe sipping on my latte and reading a magazine, and since this is my fantasy I may as well be eating a yummy slice of cake too.

Also you would never know it (because it didn't even rate a mention other then a 2 second conversation in the car on the morning of) but it was mine and my husband's anniversary (not wedding, just when we became an item officially) this week...we've been together now for 15 years. Before kids that would have at least been a meal out and maybe a nice card, not that I was expecting anything and nor did I do anything special (unfortunately having to pay the car rego this month has left funds low) but I still can't help but feel a little disappointed that such a decent milestone (I mean 15 years is a bloody long time) has gone by like any other day.

I also think it doesn't help that such a difficult week has coincided with that time of the month and everything seems magnified and what wouldn't normally elicit much of a response from me has me feeling like I could cry. I think I could just do with a break, we all need time away for ourselves from time to time and after the week I've had I think I've earned it. Maybe I will go and get that coffee by myself...just waiting for the husband to get back from going for a surf. His version of going to a cafe and reading a magazine.

Here's hoping the weekend proves to be better, fingers crossed.
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