Monday, 20 January 2014

Struggle street

It's only 8.30am and I am already struggling, my daughter hasn't been well this weekend. Suffering from high temps, had the home call Dr out yesterday afternoon and there isn't anything more we can do that we aren't already doing. Obviously her body must be fighting off an infection of sorts, poor poppet. I have been up with her through the night giving her water and wiping her down with a cool cloth and giving her medicine. 

It didn't help that her brother decided to start the day at 5.15am this morning, are you kidding me?! Ugh, I am so fricken is going to be a multiple coffee day. I wish I could go back to bed but there is no chance of that happening, I will have to try my luck later today to see if I can get them to both go down for a sleep...a girl can hope. 

We went and checked out a new coffee place on the Coast on Saturday called Paddock Bakery. It was good, it was a pretty busy and happening certainly has a trendy vibe. We didn't stay too long though, the coffee was great and I can highly recommend the donuts that they make...delicious. There seem to be more and more cool little places popping up on the Coast, it's about time. 

Well here's hoping my day ahead is not too painful and my daughter is on the mend, if I could be sick for her I would. Nothing worse then seeing your little ones unwell...

Have a good one. 
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