Thursday, 28 November 2013

Those cupcakes are like crack...or what I assume crack would be like ;)

I can't stop eating them, they are just too yummy. So I decided to give a heads up that when I make some more for my daughters 1st birthday party I will do a blog post on you can all get fat on cupcakes with me, ha.

Today was a good day for kindy drop off for my son, no tears and a kiss goodbye and he ran off to play...that is unheard of here. I was pleasantly surprised, I hope this is an ongoing trend. It is horrible when he gets upset and wants to come home with us, even though I know it only takes a couple of minutes and he is fine. 

So I have decided to wait until Saturday to put up the tree, because hubby sent me a text yesterday saying it would be nice to do it together as a family on the weekend. I agree, although the anal side of me is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to placing the ornaments on the tree just so...I'm not sure I will handle the kids having at it, ha. I will more than likely go back later and rearrange it...just like I do when my husband stacks the dishwasher (badly). Here is a funny e-card I came across on pinterest that made me laugh:

Right, I best be off to get stuff done around the house and try and fit some study in.

Take Care,

K xx

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